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Paranormal problems on Canada’s East Coast are investigated in AMI-tv’s new series Sight Seers

From a media release:

Ghostly apparitions, faulty electronics, shimmering orbs and odd noises at all hours. Those are just a hint of the alarming activities explored in eight episodes of Sight Seers, debuting Thursday, May 13, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on AMI-tv.

Join Mark Joly, who is blind, and Laura Warren, who tackle mysteries and solve a series of fascinating paranormal problems on Canada’s East Coast. Each case calls for a slightly different approach and roster of experts, depending on the details of the story.

At the end of each episode, Mark and Laura either have a clear opinion or—using the results of the investigations—viewers can decide for themselves what scenario is most probable.

Nova Scotia locations Mark and Laura explore in Season one include the Queen’s County Museum in Liverpool, where wisps of smoke and unusual sounds occur at all hours; Lunenburg’s Boscawen Inn, site of ghosts haunting its halls; the prestigious Halifax Club, host of strange goings-on; and Randall House Historical Museum in Wolfville, where guests have been touched and pushed.

In keeping with AMI’s mandate of making accessible media for all Canadians, Season one of Sight Seers features Integrated Described Video (IDV) making it accessible to individuals who are blind or partially sighted.

Host Mark Joly
Mark was born blind, and from a young age he began seeing images in his mind when he touched other people’s hands. It wasn’t long before he understood that the images represented important events in people’s lives, kickstarting his career as a palm-reader. Over the years he has refined his gift and he now uses his “third eye” to provide many long-time clients with accurate information about their lives. As a modern-day oracle he is often sought after for his unique insight into matters of money, health and the heart.

Host Laura Warren
Laura is a natural medium who has been developing her mediumship and psychic abilities since she was a child. After years of education and training in health, wellness, energy therapy, and psychic development, Laura moved into the career of a psychic medium. Laura has over a decade of psychic mediumship experience and has developed an international following; she is in demand in the Maritimes and beyond. She is known for her ability to call forth spirit to deliver messages to their living friends and relatives. Laura’s skills include helping her new and long-time clients highlight and remove blocks and challenges in their lives, give hope and a sense of peace, and help provide closure. Laura also has been dedicated to helping lost souls move forward to the afterlife and thereby resolving hauntings.

Sight Seers debuts Thursday, May 13, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on AMI-tv. Stream episodes on AMI.ca and the AMI-tv App.