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Photo gallery and video: Reliving Ice Pilots NWT

It’s the end of the runway for Ice Pilots NWT. After five seasons on the air, Season 6–returning tonight on History–marks the last television flight for the pilots, passengers and crew working at Buffalo Airways.

I was lucky enough to be flown up to Yellowknife, the show’s setting, where I met Mikey McBryan, pilot Scott Blue and “Buffalo” Joe McBryan. I can tell you that yes, it really is that cold, yes Joe is really that gruff and yes flying from Yellowknife to Hay River, NWT, in a DC-3 was a dream come true. I took a ton of pictures of my experience the handful that meant the most to me are in a gallery below. Bonus video below the gallery: a short video shot inside the cabin of the DC-3.

Ice Pilots NWT airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History.

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Video: Ice Pilots’ Mikey McBryan teases Season 6

A big thanks to the folks at History for fixing me up with Ice Pilots NWT star Mikey McBryan, who flew into Toronto to do press in advance of the sixth–and final–season of the show.

In addition to attending a sneak peek screening of the first episode for fans in Toronto, McBryan answered questions from myself and the show’s fans (and endured my horrible hair day) for 30 minutes as I moderated a live stream chat with him. Among the things we chatted about: the future of Buffalo Airways and the airplane industry in the north, how Ice Pilots NWT got started, those cold temperatures and his special message to the fans who have flown with the crew for the last six seasons.

Ice Pilots NWT returns Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History.