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Jennifer Podemski’s Future History premieres November 13th on APTN

From a media release:

Jennifer Podemski, President of Redcloud Studios Inc. is pleased to announce that Future History, a doc series (13 x .30) celebrating Indigenous knowledge reclamation, will premiere November 13th at 7:30 pm ET exclusively on APTN East & HD and 7:30 pm MT on APTN West.

Future History follows two passionate, and polar opposite, Anishinaabe (Ojibway) hosts Sarain Fox and Kris Nahrgang as they venture into their community to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Knowledge and the movement of cultural revitalization. For generations across North America, Indigenous People have been reeling from the devastating effects of colonialism that has left children, language, ceremony and culture at risk. But today, a movement of reclamation and revitalization is being led by Indigenous People who are harnessing Indigenous Knowledge as a way to shift the colonial paradigm and build a brighter future for the next generation. From Arts and Science to the Justice System, the resurgence of Indigenous Knowledge is stronger than ever. Future History is a journey of discovery through an Indigenous lens, a journey that will inspire and enlighten all audiences.

Future History is produced by Geoff Ewart and Jennifer Podemski. Executive Producers are Janice Dawe and Kathy Avrich-Johnson of Bizable Media. Directed by Jennifer Podemski. Series made possible by the generous support of Canada Media Fund (CMF), Rogers Documentary Fund and APTN

Jennifer Podemski has been acting since she was a teen. Her career blossomed when she landed the role of Pique in The Diviners and then a starring role in Bruce McDonald’s Dance Me Outside. Of mixed First Nations and Israeli descent, she soon noticed the lack of First Nations people writing, producing and directing screened entertainment. At 25, she opened Big Soul Productions with Laura Milliken, which produced three seasons of the award-winning dramatic television series Mocassin Flats. In 2005, Podemski branched out on her own and founded Redcloud Studios Inc, an independent production company dedicated to pushing forward Indigenous narratives across all platforms. Her work as a producer also includes the paranormal documentary series The Other Side, The Indspire Awards, and the award-winning, critically acclaimed feature film Empire of Dirt for which Jennifer was nominated for a 2015 Canadian Screen Award for both supporting actress and producer. She has maintained a successful career as an actor with roles in Degrassi: TNG, The Rez (Gemini nomination), Republic of Doyle, Take This Waltz, Jimmy P., Blackstone, Sensitive Skin, FireSong, Hard Rock Medical and the upcoming fourth season of Cardinal on CTV and Hulu.

Kris Nahrgang is Mississauga (Ojibway) with Treaty Status held at Curve Lake. A multi-disciplinary artist working in wood, stone and traditional oil mediums, Kris’s work can be found in numerous private and corporate collection including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, singer Anne Murray, comedian Bill Cosby, singer Keech Rainwater (of Lonestar), Nik Antropov (Atlanta Thrashers), Brian Skinner (Phoenix Suns). Kris is an archeologist by training who has advocated on behalf of First Nations across Ontario for over 20 years. An experienced diver, Kris began an undergraduate degree in anthropology at Trent University, and has worked in a close relationship with underwater archaeologists at Parks Canada, mainly along the Trent Severn. Kris has attempted to establish a cultural heritage/archaeological research and curatorial facility that will serve the needs of a large group of the smaller southern Ontario native communities. He served as a member of the advisory committee struck by the Ministry of Culture to contribute to the development of new Stage 1-4 archaeological assessment technical guidelines. Recently Kris was commissioned by the Canadian National Exhibition to produce a 36’ UNITY POLE (Totem). The Pole was unveiled at the CNE in August of 2017, receiving national and international acclaim from both the public and media.

Of Anishinaabe lineage, Sarain Fox is a multi-disciplinary performer and passionate spokesperson for her community and culture. Sarain studied at the Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, the Quinte Ballet School and the Alvin Ailey Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in New York City. She has performed at The Canada Dance Festival 2008, The Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival VIII, the 2002, 2007 and 2012 Aboriginal Achievement Awards, and two summers with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company in New York City. As a member of Kahawaii Dance theatre, Sarain has attended three indigenous dance residencies at The Banff Centre, which allowed her to work with Neil Iremia of Black Grace and Javier Dezule of Dezule dance. Sarain is currently the newest member of Untitled Collective; a NYC based Australian aboriginal modern dance collective. On and off the dance floor, this stellar entity of artistic expulsion is truly always on her toes. Other endeavors for Sarain include the debut of her first play entitled Ashes which appeared at the Weesageechak Festival in Toronto and most recently; Sarain completed The New York Film Academy’s, acting for film program. Sarain is currently the host of RISE on VICE Canada.

Redcloud Studios Inc. is an independent production company owned and operated by award winning actor and producer, Jennifer Podemski. Redcloud Studios is dedicated to strengthening aboriginal visibility in the film and television industry, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Jennifer has traveled to over 2,000 Native communities throughout Canada and the US, using her media empowerment module to encourage youth to use the medium to speak out and effect change. Whether it’s mainstream drama, provocative documentary, intensive training or live theatre, Redcloud Studios is committed to breaking down barriers and paving the way for the future generation of media makers.

APTN launched in 1999 as the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world, creating a window into the remarkably diverse mosaic of Indigenous Peoples. A respected non-profit, charitable broadcaster and the only one of its kind in North America. Sharing our stories of authenticity in English, French and a variety of Indigenous languages, to approximately 11 million Canadian TV subscribers. With over 80% Canadian content, APTN connects with its audience through genuine, inspiring, and engaging entertainment through multiple platforms.


Link: Jennifer Podemski was frustrated with the lack of Indigenous stories on our screens. So she became a producer

From Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian Press:

Link: Jennifer Podemski was frustrated with the lack of Indigenous stories on our screens. So she became a producer
“I flip-flop between being super encouraged and inspired, and devastated and frustrated at the state of affairs when it comes to Indigenous stories, and how the mainstream is opening its doors or not opening its doors to the storytellers.” Continue reading.


Link: A Conversation with Jennifer Podemski: ACTRA Toronto’s 2018 Award of Excellence Recipient

From Vincent Schilling of Indian Country Media Network:

Link: A Conversation with Jennifer Podemski: ACTRA Toronto’s 2018 Award of Excellence Recipient
“It bothered me that over the first 10 years of my acting career I rarely, if ever, saw any native people working on the crew, or as producers and directors. It bugged me because all the work I was doing was native stuff. So I decided to become a producer. I was 25 when I opened Big Soul Productions with Laura Milliken. We dedicated every waking hour to building a production company rooted in authentic indigenous stories and perspectives while training a new generation of talent both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.” Continue reading.



APTN’s The Other Side explores more ghostly stories in revamped Season 3

Jennifer Podemski is a fan of paranormal programming. Heck, she’s had her own experiences with the otherworldly. But while programs like Paranormal State interested her, they didn’t cover a wide swath of her own background.

“I was a huge fan of Paranormal State, to the point I would watch the same episodes over and over again,” the writer, producer and actor says. “Then I realized, ‘Huh, isn’t it funny that I’ve never noticed how absent this show and genre is of an Indigenous perspective?'” After gleaning that information for several years, she consulted with her Angel Entertainment colleagues Wally Start and Bob Crowe and wrote a show bible. The result? The Other Side—returning for Season 3 this Thursday on APTN—a program that has Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing, understanding and belief systems woven throughout the narrative.

“It’s an interesting spin on an old genre,” Podemski says. “I thought it would be amazing to have something on our own network, APTN, that showcased a little bit of perspective.” Back for more experiences are intuitive Jeff Richards and elder and spirit guide Tom Charles, with newbie Michaella Shannon taking over as researcher; researcher Priscilla Wolf and investigator Bill Connelly are longer with the show. Podemski has known Shannon for years, since she was part of the supernatural drama Rabbit Fall, and in addition to being an amazing role model within the community, is an intuitive like Richards. She was a natural when Podemski was looking to refresh and tighten up the series for Season 3.


That refresh isn’t contained to the cast. The Other Side‘s opening credits have been revised and filming of the 13 episodes took place during the summer months, a first for the program. What hasn’t changed is the content. The Other Side continues its excellent storytelling, education and documentation of paranormal experiences without using cheap camera tricks and dramatic music to play up what this trio witnesses. Thursday’s return instalment, “Mr. Clark,” not only gives a history of Fort Walsh Historic Site in Maple Creek, Sask., and the massacre of First Nations people that occurred there but documents a man who may still be wandering around the grounds.

Podemski says upcoming an episode presents the most meaningful communication between a client and spirit or entity ever while another provides powerful, emotional moments at a residential school.

“One of my biggest concerns about doing [an episode] like that was that the story was told in a respectful and accurate way, that has the ability to transcend the policies around what people understand about residential schools,” she says. “These are real people that are very rarely spoken about in the Canadian narrative. It was a very intense show.”

The Other Side airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on APTN.

Images courtesy of APTN.