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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “The Philately Fatality”

Last week’s special Halloween episode, “Murdoch and the Cursed Cave,” was almost resoundingly embraced by Murdoch Mysteries fans. You, like me, loved the storyline, humour (Higgins tackling the monster and Murdoch’s look of surprise at that killed me) and tone of the episode. It’s already taken a spot in my Top 10 favourite episodes of Murdoch Mysteries.

Now, on to Monday’s new instalment. Here’s what the CBC has revealed about”The Philately Fatality,” written by Mary Pedersen and directed by Sherren Lee.

Murdoch investigates the murder of a stamp collector with homosexual tendencies.

And here are more observations from me after watching the episode.

Watts returns
When I posted pictures for this episode on Facebook, many quickly commented simply “WATTS!!” Indeed, Daniel Maslany returns to Station House No. 4 for this storyline and Mary Pedersen’s script hints as to where he has been. Look for Jesse LaVercombe, Wade Bogert-O’Brien and veteran Quebec actor Charles Lafortune in guest roles; Jeremy Legat pops in to reprise Aldous Germaine.

Same-sex story
Homosexuality has been part of storylines since Season 1 in “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” memorably in Season 8’s “What Lies Buried,” and with Dr. Grace‘s character evolution. On Monday, we open with a house party where music is playing, drinks are consumed and dancing is happening. Sherren Lee does a wonderful job making us feel like we’ve been invited to the soirée. Not invited? Crabtree and Parker, who have been summoned to the home because of “noise complaints.”

Parker is bored
Though a murder has been committed, the former Pinkerton agent doesn’t feel as though his skills are being used to their full potential. Why is Murdoch seemingly holding him back?

Julia is flustered
Dr. Dixon arrives, unannounced, to her home while William is away. I will say no more.

Watts vs. Brackenreid
It’s no secret how Brackenreid feels about homosexuality. So his views on handling the case go up against how Watts wants to tackle it. The result is some great back and forth between actors Daniel Maslany and Thomas Craig thanks to Pedersen’s writing.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.