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Nightclub Confidential shimmies into Season 3

I stopped going out to clubs a long time ago. Back then, the local place I ended up featured requisite creamy shooters like Sex on the Beach and I drank my weight in Long Island Iced Teas. Now, over two decades later, I’m reliving the experience through the eyes of the folks working at Tequila NightClub in Nightclub Confidential.

Returning Thursday on City Saskatchewan—and available following each broadcast on the show’s website—Season 3 of Fahrenheit Films’ Nightclub Confidential catches up with owners Simon Papadopoulos and Bryan “Chunk” Pawlachuk as they try to make a go of it in the nightclub scene.

Season 2 ended on a sad note: Chunk decided to retire from the club game, prepped to sell off Tequila and went on vacation with his wife and kids. That left president Simon with a boring daytime gig and bouncer Mitch Gauvin out of the business and focusing on fitness and his relationship with Gina.

Picking up several months later, the plan to sell off the building fell through and Simon has taken on the day-to-day running of Tequila. Chunk is the landlord and looks for excuses to drop by and judge Simon’s way of running a business. And while Simon is enjoying playing boss, he’s having a hard time acting like one: he’s happy to hold staff nights and be the nice guy but a lack of respect from the DJs in Episode 1 grates on his nerves. Chunk, busier than ever thanks to a gig at Metric Design Centre and another child on the way with wife Nathalie, has nothing but stern words for Simon, who’s struggling to organize a New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2015.

Featuring smoke machines, blinding spotlights, a throbbing beat, scantily-clad customers and larger-than-life characters, Nightclub Confidential is an entertaining fly-on-the-wall peek at the successes and stresses of running a nightclub. It ain’t all shooters and sexiness.

Nightclub Confidential airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. on City Saskatchewan. Episodes stream for the rest of the country on the show’s website.