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Preview: Season 2 of Animal Planet’s Pets & Pickers offers services to low-income pet families

I would do anything for my cat. Homer, who is 13, may get on my nerves with his early-morning requests to feed him or plaintive meows to be let outside when I’m in the middle of a Teams meeting, but I love the little guy.

That love of animals is at the heart of Pets & Pickers, a truly unique series on Animal Planet. Returning Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern—and available to watch for free thanks to Bell’s free preview of their specialty channels right now—Pets & Pickers follows the folks at Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) Animal Hospital in Richmond, B.C., who have a groundbreaking way to fund often-expensive medical care for pets: a thrift store. It’s in the RAPS thrift store that staff sort through abandoned storage lockers for items that can be sold or auctioned off. All money raised pays for vet care and surgeries.

Saturday’s return kicks off with 11-year-old Tigger, a cat who has received some scratches to his face and muzzle that have hindered his breathing. While he’s under anesthesia, Dr. Regan discovers Tigger is missing teeth, and has additional swelling and infection.

Meanwhile, thrift store manager Karen—whose team has raised over $1 million to offset vet costs—is up to her shoulders in new items in two storage bins. Smaller items like an old lamp can pull in $40, while a box of vintage comic books can command upwards of $200. It all counts and quickly adds up to $2,000.

Back at the hospital, Tigger receives x-rays that uncover a possible answer to how he received his facial scratch and more serious issues. Thankfully, Tigger gets the treatment he needs, owner Rose is thrilled to have him back and appreciative that the bill has been covered by RAPS.

Equal parts Storage Wars and The Incredible Dr. Pol, Pets & Pickers is a fun and emotional ride.

Pets & Pickers airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.


Discovery’s all-new Canadian original docuseries Pets & Pickers serves up heartwarming ‘tails,’ beginning May 12

From a media release:

Discovery takes viewers on an uplifting mission to help animals in need with the all-new Canadian original series PETS & PICKERS, premiering Thursday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. Joining an all-new Thursday night lineup which includes the debut of PIG ROYALTY at 8 p.m. ET and Season 2 of LOUISIANA LAW 10 p.m. ET, the eight-episode, docuseries follows a one-of-a-kind animal hospital, the story of animals, their owners, and the special team of veterinarians who care for them.

Motivated by extraordinary compassion and a singular belief that all animals deserve treatment, this heartfelt series reveals how the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) Animal Hospital works tirelessly to offer low-income pet families access to top healthcare. To fund these treatments, RAPS has a unique solution: their thrift store. An energetic and dedicated group of animal loving “pickers” comb through donated mystery bins containing abandoned storage locker items, all money raised goes to pay for vet care and lifesaving surgeries. It’s a one-of-a-kind “pets and pickers” relationship with an uplifting mission: to help animals and their people.

New episodes of PETS & PICKERS are available to stream each week on CTV.ca and the CTV App.

In Episode 1 of PETS & PICKERS, entitled “Pets, Pickers & Problems,” Dexter the dog has breathing problems so serious, worried owner Michelle travels hours in hopes that RAPS can help pay for urgent surgery. The dedicated team of pickers, counting on abandoned storage locker goods, gets an unfortunate surprise. Meanwhile, Halo the Chihuahua discovers more than exercise in the local dog park.

Led by Executive Director Eyal Lichtman, the kind-hearted and innovative team at RAPS includes: long-time animal lover, Dr. Regan Schwartz; small animal specialist and Vets Without Borders volunteer, Dr. Alex Maldonado (Dr. Alex); feral animal care professional, Dr. Joseph Martinez; the patriarch and leading exotic animal veterinarian, Dr. Satveer Dadrwal (Dr. Satveer); RAPS’ lead veterinarian and the go-to surgeon, Dr. Marius Vasilescu, aka “Dr. V”; and RAPS’ community social services specialist, Dr. Victoria Cruz-Mendez (Dr. Cruz-Mendez). The animal-loving team of pickers includes thrift store manager, Karen Kamachi, as well as expert picker, Marty Kramer, who work together to bring in donations, and find buyers to help people and pets in-need. To find out more about RAPS, visit their website at www.rapsbc.com.

PETS & PICKERS was created and produced by Tyson Media in association with Bell Media for Discovery, with the participation of The Bell Fund. Tyson Hepburn is Executive Producer and Showrunner. Kelly McClughgan is Series Producer, and Andrew Vacheresse is Director.