Comments and queries for the week of Oct. 17

I loved Dark Angel, which has become a reference point for Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, but I need Bo and the Lost Girl gang. We need strong, independent women and sensitive, nurturing men. We need, in these dark political times, a glimmer of hope. We need the voices that say, “I make my own choices.” Please help the millions of fans who didn’t know they could vote. Bring Bo back!!–Karen

Thanks for your support for Lost Girl, but our poll wasn’t to bring the show back, just which Canadian one you’d go into a cage match for. Production has already wrapped on the final season.

Hey Max & Shred, I’m a big fan of your show! Love, your biggest fan.–Andrea

Thanks for the note, Andrea. You can reach the boys via @JonnyGrayy, @JakeGoodman9 or @maxandshred.

Will UpTV be showing the new season of Heartland? I am in the Miami area and so far I have just seen repeats.–Patty

Hey Patty, thanks for writing in. UpTV is a little behind the CBC here in Canada: Season 7 is currently being broadcast with no plans for Season 8 yet.

I am disappointed in how the interesting scripts that deal with horses of all kinds was taken over by people drama on Oct 12th. I loved Heartland up until now, but my family members agreed that we missed all the beautiful horses this time with their stories. Something was missing in this episode and it was the horses! The part that we love! We also love the people, but everyone was having stress and problems … too much for one episode of a family show.–Andree

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