Everything about Motive, eh?

Leo award winners include Motive, 19-2, Blackstone, This Life

Last night the Leo Awards presented their gala awards ceremony — the final of three nights celebrating British Columbia’s film and television industry — and the television winners  were dispersed among several shows.

CTV’s whydunnit Motive won best dramatic series, beating out 19-2, Blackstone, Continuum and The Romeo Section.

In performances, Jared Keeso was named best lead performance by a male for 19-2, and Carmen Moore of Blackstone won best lead performance by a female. Lauren Lee Smith of This Life was named best supporting performance by a female, with Osric Chau  best supporting male for Blood and Water.

Jesse McKeown picked up a screenwriting award for 19-2’s “Orphans” episode, while David Frazee won best direction in a dramatic series for The Romeo Section’s “Elephant Faces East.”

For a complete list of winners, see the Leo Awards website.

CTV Unveils its Summer 2016 Schedule

From a media release:

CTV “is in it to win it” as Canada’s most-watched network unveiled its Summer 2016 schedule today, including the announcement of four new programs and four returning hits, all joining star-studded music celebrations THE 2016 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS and THE 2016 IHEARTRADIO MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS.

With the starting line now within eye shot, Canada’s most-watched summer series for three years in a row hits the road for a brand new Season 4 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA (June 28). All-new seasons of summer favourites also make their triumphant return including the scandalous season premiere of MISTRESSES (May 30); award-winning chefs Gordon Ramsay (MASTERCHEF JUNIOR) and Christina Tosi (CHOPPED) welcome 40 new home cooks into the MASTERCHEF kitchen for Season 7 (June 1); last summer’s biggest event series is back with a special two-hour season premiere of ZOO (June 28); and CTV’s original hit crime drama MOTIVE concludes its final season episodes with riveting all-new investigations (July 5). Plus, CTV doesn’t skip a beat, delivering a tandem of star-studded celebrations of music with THE 2016 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS, featuring a tribute to Prince by Madonna (May 22), and THE 2016 IHEARTRADIO MMVAs, hosted by international supermodel Gigi Hadid, and featuring performances by singer-songwriter Alessia Cara, multi-platinum recording artist Nick Jonas, and pop supergroup Fifth Harmony (June 19).

Comments and queries for the week of May 6

X Company‘s creators discuss the heartbreaking finale and look towards Season 3

I like this show, but now Tom’s dead. I’m not watching it any longer. Killing the kid would have been better, I can’t stand him. But Tom was a much better character … and his death meant the death of the show for me. I’m done. —D

I suspect “the kid” will grow up if he survives the coming season. Very young people involved in causes often become fanatical about them—and not just those in the Nazi youth. With a little more life experience he’d have understood that his young German counterpart was a conscript who had no other choice, especially under a totalitarian régime (conscientious objectors were forced to clean minefields, where they were eventually blown up, among other things). Odd, I didn’t like Tom at first; I found him smarmy and a bit of a prequel to Mad Men. But he certainly became a fully-fleshed character and had to undergo quite the ordeal even pretending to be seriously wounded and then finally falling over the proverbial cliff. I miss René, who looks like a friend of mine (who is considerably younger than I am), but that wouldn’t have allowed me to watch much of the series. I do appreciate the development of the female characters. Some commenters are saying that it wasn’t realistic in light of female roles 70 years ago, but the very fact that so many men were off fighting meant that women had to take on new responsibilities (as we see at Camp X). And that was certainly the case in the Resistance, in many countries. —Lagatta

Motive‘s showrunner sounds off on the series’ final cases

We are disappointed that Motive is not continuing for another season. It is a terrific show with excellent actors and believable plots. —June and Brian

Person of Interest is now on Tuesday night in Motive’s time slot. Where is Motive? It was only on for four weeks!! —Stacey

The remaining episodes of Motive will air this summer on CTV.


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Comments and queries for the week of April 29

Five reasons we love, and will miss, Motive

I really loved watching Motive. What a great show!! The story, plot … Motive was fantastic. The cast and acting superb all-around and put together great! Why is it being cancelled? What a shame. —Angela

Debbie Travis finds the sweet life in OWN’s La Dolce Debbie

I viewed the six episodes of La Dolce Debbie on OWN Canada. I watched them over and over again! They were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I only wish that the number for each one was given to designate the sequence of the six episodes accurately. Such a brilliant idea: a villa for women to get recharged. I have been to Tuscany and it is a magical place. If I were younger, I would be applying for a week at Debbie’s villa. Congratulations Debbie for all your success and to a supportive, good husband! —Naomi

Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

I was shocked to hear that Jennifer was fired from BT! We met her about three years ago and I had my little granddaughter with us. She was so nice, very friendly and Frankie Flowers was also there! We will miss you and your big smile and how you were so happy every morning, which was always good to see, especially when we always see bad things or hear about things that are not important! Never lose that Jennifer, it’s always better to be happy! We need more happy people in this world! Good luck on your next journey and thank you for your mornings! —The Wilson family

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Remedy’s Sara Canning guests on Motive

It’s hard to believe Motive‘s final ride is almost over. Yet Tuesday’s new instalment, “Interference,” represents Episode 6 out of 13. It’s been a pretty wild ride so far, with the stops pulled out on stories and great work done by the regular cast and guests appearing. Tonight’s episode is no different; read on for some non-spoiler teases.

Sara Canning alert!
Fans of the cancelled-way-too-soon Remedy get their fix of Sara Canning, who guest-stars as Tracy, a suburban mom who is dispatched in a most memorable—and gruesome—way. She’s not your typical victim either….


Walking Dead guest star alert!
I was wracking my brain trying to figure out where I’d seen Alicia Witt recently when it dawned on me: she played Paula on The Walking Dead. Anyway, she’s Cindy, tagged as the murderer in “Interference,” and her story takes a turn involving Tracy’s son, Owen. Witt brings a lot of humanity to Cindy and by the time you learn her backstory, you can’t help but feel badly for her.

Lucas goes over a line
Good guy Lucas is always by the book—he even ended a budding relationship because the woman was a murder witness—and he definitely crosses a line on Tuesday. His heart is in the right place, but it’s the wrong move nonetheless.

Mazur confides in Angie
Something has been going on with Paula Mazur for the past couple of weeks—whispered phone calls and rushing to change the subject—but all becomes clear … and complicates matters for everyone.

Shout out to Vij’s
There is a nice mention of Vikram Vij’s iconic Vancouver restaurant. Now I want to have dinner there. Or at the very least the bacon doughnut Angie was eating.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.