TV, eh? podcast episode 19 – The Dread Carpet

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[EDIT: My webhost Hostpapa completely sucks and thinks 6 kb/sec is an acceptable download speed so it’s also here on Posterous.]

Our guest this week is Chris Leavins of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (as well as Cute With Chris, Traders, Slings & Arrows, etc.) who talks about playing the guidance counsellor from hell, his favourite Canadian television the limitations of making a web series about cute cats, and so much more.

But first Anthony and Diane rant, of course, about the Geminis foreign content, Canadians’ wacky list of 25 favourite shows, the excrement that is Lake Shore, and the difficulty of cutting the cable cord in Canada. Oh and Lost Girl was renewed, but we’re happy about that.

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  1. I’ve been having some trouble with this episode. I first downloaded it the sound was choppy and I am trying to download it again but it keeps getting stuck.

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