TV, eh? podcast episode 29 – One for The Listeners

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Craig Olejnik and Ennis Esmer of The ListenerThis week we have interviews with Craig Olejnik (Toby, left) and Ennis Esmer (Oz, right) of The Listener, and Ennis talks about his hosting gig on the upcoming Wipeout Canada as well. The Listener season two premieres tonight.

Anthony and Diane chat about Jim Henshaw’s Super Bowl conspiracy – did Rogers and Shaw “forget” to substitute the Fox feed with their own to thumb their noses at the CRTC?

We puzzle about why neither Flashpoint nor Glee saw a post-Super Bowl ratings boost in Canada – Flashpoint actually got fewer viewers than usual.

And we riff on the CBC’s new five year plan and whether it might one day be a real public broadcaster.

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