TV, eh? podcast episode 37 – Six Degrees of Canadian Bacon

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smallThis week’s guests are Ennis Esmer and Jessica Phillips (plus the Lil Jono doll) of Wipeout Canada, which got big numbers in Sunday’s TVTropolis debut.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil has been renewed for season two, and Space orders a new pilot called Borealis.

Lots of quick news: The Borgias also got great numbers in its premiere on Bravo, rumour has it Hiccups and Dan for Mayor will return in May (but don’t quote us on that), Skatoony begins production on season two, and Degrassi picks up a Peabody award.

Also, Global introduces an iPhone/iPod Touch app which makes Anthony and Diane uncharacteristically happy.

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5 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 37 – Six Degrees of Canadian Bacon”

  1. Not sure when you record, but…

    Could you talk about something that got missed from last Wednesday’s Dyscultured?

    “The future dawns on Canadian Broadcasters or the Sun sets on the industry. –Jim Henshaw”

    I kinda wish we had chatted about that during the show. More interesting than the link I put in about my rants with Peter Nowak.

    Really need a way for creators and audiences to connect such that those of us dropping traditional broadcast (cable/etc) are seen as allies to content creation rather than threat.

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