TV, eh? podcast episode 42 – God Created Aliens and Aliens Created Dinosaurs

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In a Very Special Episode, Anthony and Diane meet for the first time in person and record the podcast on the Vancouver seawall, where an informative (possibly drunk) passer-by provided our title.

Anthony has a great interview with Martin Wood, Executive Producer of Sanctuary, about the web-to-TV model among other things.

IMG 3570But first, we talk about the big news that Hiccups and Dan For Mayor finally have return dates: May 30 and June respectively. Plus CTV’s summer schedule includes Flashpoint, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and the mother network airing of The Borgias, and Almost Heroes and Single White Spenny are coming to Showcase on June 5.

While being distracted by floatplanes and pretty mountains, we discuss how social media is going to save live TV (or not), how Canada watches a surprising amount of online video, and that Crackle, like Netflix in the US, is getting into the original scripted series business.

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3 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 42 – God Created Aliens and Aliens Created Dinosaurs”

  1. Actually Almost Heroes and Single White Spenny premiere on June 2nd, not June 5th. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the Martin Wood interview. It is interesting getting his point of view on broadcast vs internet. I now see the difficulties in having the internet as your host site for shows; that is a lot of money to have to wait for any return on. I do believe change is coming. The broadcasters are having problems getting enough advertisers from the Nielson ratings for live broadcast and because the Internet’s potential as a revenue base hasn’t been fully realized yet nor a working model found.

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