TV, eh? podcast episode 55 – The End is Geminigh

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Anthony and Diane talk about the Gemini Award nominations – all eleventy million billion of them (full list here).

Some shows have started production: That’s So Weird and Wingin’ It are heading into their third seasons while Highland Gardens is a new one we dissect without having seen a second of it.

Flashpoint’s future on CBS looks grim, while ABC is high on Rookie Blue but not so much on Combat Hospital . And we discuss the imminent arrival of FX Canada and what it means for viewers and industry types.

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Diane Wild

Diane is the founder of TV, eh? She loves books, movies, TV, science, space, traveling, theatre, art, cats, and drinking multiple beverages at the same time.
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One thought on “TV, eh? podcast episode 55 – The End is Geminigh”

  1. CBS cannot get rid of Flashpoint. It is an excellent show. Great cast and well written stories. Pleas don’t be stupid and cancel a great show.

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