TV, eh? podcast episode 57 – “Queueing Up Premiere Season”

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TSThe voting’s in for the first round of the TV, eh? Throwdown Showdown and we’ve got the nail-biting results in the podcast. The new poll, with the surviving 16 shows pitted head-to-head, will be posted Tuesday evening.

We also chat about the fall premieres, the new Battle of the Blades competitors, Cashing In, more casting information and the start of production on The Firm, and Russell Peters hosting the Geminis.

CBC celebrates its 75th anniversary this year by forgetting that not everyone loves the CBC.

And QMI Agency (aka the “news” service of Sun Media) write an embarrassingly glowing “news” article about how everyone loves Sun News Network. Or at least how for 9 hours once it beat CTV News Channel in the ratings.

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