Flashpoint voted Best Canadian Scripted Series Ever in the TV, eh? Throwdown Showdown

By Diane Wild of TV, eh?:

In a series of online polls conducted by TV, eh?, viewers picked Flashpoint as the Best Canadian Scripted Show Ever That’s Been On For More Than a Season.

The initial field of 32 shows was narrowed down to 16, then 8, then 4, until last week it was down to current drama Flashpoint versus comedy classic SCTV.

In this highly scientific* online survey, an average of nearly 200 Canadians+ each week voted on their favourite scripted series. The original 32 series were: Durham County, Mr. Dressup, Danger Bay, Bizarre, Littlest Hobo, Corner Gas, Heartland, Rick Mercer Report, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Being Erica, ReBoot, Slings & Arrows, SCTV, Smith & Smith, Road to Avonlea, Due South, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Sanctuary, Flashpoint, Friendly Giant, Degrassi Jr. High, Intelligence, Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Night Heat, Kids in the Hall, King of Kensington, Wayne & Shuster, Street Legal, Beachcombers, Trailer Park Boys and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

A new round of voting will begin in the next few weeks as the 16 shows with the most write-in votes plus 16 non-scripted series will be narrowed down to one and, finally, pitted against today’s champion Flashpoint.

* This is a bold lie.
+ This works out to approximately 200%* of the Canadian TV-watching public.


6 thoughts on “Flashpoint voted Best Canadian Scripted Series Ever in the TV, eh? Throwdown Showdown”

  1. Whoa, I wish I’d known about this poll earlier. There are at least 5 shows on that list that deserve to beat ‘Flashpoint’ (including my personal favourite, ‘Slings & Arrows’).

  2. Flashpoint is well written, but what I’m sure is skewing this data is the fact Flashpoint is current. SCTV is it’s opponent due to it’s being a classic. IMHO anyway.

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