TV, eh? podcast episode 61 – “We Crown Our Champion”

ErinPRFrom 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 and now the results of the TV, eh? Throwdown Showdown are in and the winner is … well, listen to the podcast.

We also have two interviews this week, with Erin Karpluk, star of Being Erica, and Sheri Elwood, creator of Call Me Fitz.

And we go over the premieres coming up this week, the cancellations of the week that was, and the upcoming shows that will be.

Episode 61: Listen or download here or subscribe via iTunes or with any other program via the TV, Eh? feed

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 61 – “We Crown Our Champion””

  1. I’m trying to download the podcast in iTunes but I keep getting a message that it can’t be played on my iPod touch and I’ve never had issues before

  2. Hmm, don’t know why that would be, sorry. It’s downloading fine from iTunes and playing on my computer but I don’t have a Touch to test and don’t know why it would be different, either. We didn’t do anything different with the file in any case.

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