TV, Eh? Industry Roundup – Saskatchewan television, Redemption Inc., more

Possible sea change for Saskatchewan television?

SCN’s prospective new owner, Rogers Broadcasting Ltd., wants to spend less money on programming, at least according to CBC News Saskatchewan. Rogers wants to put 23 per cent of revenue generated by SCN towards independent films, rather than commit to fixed dollar requirements, as SCN is in “financial stress.”

In a related story, the 2012-13 Saskatchewan provincial budget announces the immediate termination of the Film Employment Tax Credit for film and television productions. Productions already registered by SaskFilm prior to April 1, 2012 will continue to be eligible for the credit, but new productions are ineligible.

The elimination of Saskatchewan’s FETC, according to the budget documents, is tied to a supposedly-heavier future reliance on subsidization. This is coupled with a decline in industry activity, and the fact that the FETC has required a public investment of over $100 million, since its 1998 introduction.

The FETC, an income tax credit equal to forty-five per cent of eligible labour costs, will be fully phased out in 2014. The FETC’s termination is supposed to save up to $3 million by the end of 2012, and $8 million annually.

Statement by the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association. They’re not fond of the FETC’s termination.

Redemption Inc. contestant goes on drunken break-and-enter spree

Redemption Inc. contestant Brian Miller was recently charged with a number of offenses, including two home break-ins, and a series of vehicle break-ins and/or thefts. During the early hours of March 18, 2012, Miller broke into three Stittsville, Ontario vehicles, as well as one garage.

Hot 89.9 radio show host “DJ Race’s” 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe is the alleged fourth vehicle in Miller’s crime spree, and the one he actually stole, after breaking into her house.

DJ Race, whose real name isn’t mentioned, tried to box Miller in with her husband’s vehicle near the end of Denali Way, during a low-speed chase. DJ Race went so far as to chase Miller, barefoot and in a bathrobe, after he backed her Santa Fe into a snowbank, and continued on foot. Miller broke into two more vehicles, and was arrested after attempting a seventh vehicular break-in.

Miller has no recollection of March 18’s events, being inebriated at the time, after at least 16 beers. Miller has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Miller was one of two Redemption Inc. runners-up, losing to Alia Pierini.

Odds and sods

Steve Faguy of The Montreal Gazette profiles Global Montreal News, as the news organization tries to stay competitive, despite its being perennially third to CTV and CBC’s local evening newscasts. Stuff that doesn’t fit The Montreal Gazette‘s story – a wealth of material, in fact – is on Faguy’s Fagstein blog.

The Financial Post

lists five reasons why Shaw Communications should buy Corus Entertainment.

On April 29, 2012, AMET TV soft-launches on Channel Zero’s Métro14. AMET TV’s programs will mainly air on Saturdays – an hour-long African music video show at 6:00 PM ET, a one-hour block of African dramas at 7:00 PM ET, and a two-hour African film block at 8:00 PM ET. African Gospel Vibes airs Sunday, from 2:00-3:00 PM ET.

Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario – my current hometown – attempts to win CBC’s 2012 Kraft Hockeyville competition. Stirling-Rawdon represents Ontario in the competition. Other cities in the running for Hockeyville include West Kelowna, British Columbia (Pacific), Duck Lake, Saskatchewan (West), Amos, Quebec (Quebec), and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (Atlantic.)

Kraft Hockeyville is in its seventh year of operation, and is sponsored by Kraft Canada. The winning community receives $100,000 in arena upgrades, and hosts a 2012-13 NHL preseason game. The winner will be announced on the March 31, 2012 edition of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.