New tonight: The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Battle Castle

SmartyPlants-BC-ForestThe Nature of Things, CBC – “Smarty Plants”

Plants: nice, pretty to look at. But they don’t DO anything, do they? They just kind of….sit there, right? Wrong! Exploding the myth of a passive plant world, SMARTY PLANTS, a new one-hour TV documentary premiering Thursday, March 22 at 8 pm (8:30 NT) on CBC Television The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, uncovers the real “secret world” of plants, revealing a fantastic and dynamic landscape pulsing with sex, movement, communication, and social interaction. This is a world where plants talk, forage, wage war and nurture their kin; a world where plants behave a lot like…us!

Doc Zone, CBC – “Scandal: Inside the Murdoch Empire”
DOC ZONE examines the scandal that has rocked the empire of media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Battle Castle, History Television – “Malbork Castle”
Stretched along the bank of the River Nogat in modern-day Poland, Malbork Castle was built by an elite group of knights during the Baltic Crusades. Its distinct brick architecture, soaring walls, and deadly battlements were built to intimidate the local population. In 1410, a pagan-turned-king marches on the castle, determined to put an end to the Teutonic Order’s reign.