Review: Lost Girl goes to hell and back

If last week’s Lost Girl, “Like Hell Pt. 1,” was all about wrapping up Season 4’s cliffhangers, then “Like Hell Pt. 2″ was clearly meant to set up the rest of the series’ final season. It was hard not to mull the end as Bo made a big play to get Kenzi back and the rest of her team braced themselves for another showdown—but in its second week, Season 5 started to look forward to the story it has to tell before the lights go down, namely all that unfinished business with Bo’s father.

And right now Hades is, predictably, looking to be like the bad guy you’d assume he is—especially as Bo peeled back the wallpaper (The Yellow Wallpaper anyone?) to reveal Aife’s haunting drawings of herself and Bo as she dreamt of ways to escape. That the moment was quickly followed by a mysterious arm, presumably belonging to Hades, as Bo declared her rebellion and stole Artemis’ Candle was just the final piece of damning evidence that began long ago but was really driven home this week with the cage in Bo’s childhood room.

Although I’m feeling pretty suspicious of that candle considering the screaming that echoed over the credits after Bo lit it and evil former Much VJ Amanda Walsh grinned maniacally (I’m assuming that look had nothing to do with her previous pizza order, because no one should love pizza that much). Considering Persephone’s message—that lighting the candle would let her family know she was alive—my initial thought was that Walsh was Demeter but that elevator slaughter doesn’t really gel with the traditional representation of the goddess of hearth and home I’m used to.


Then again, having her daughter imprisoned by the god of the underworld for 6,000 years might have left Demeter feeling slightly less generous towards the world. Or maybe, as is usually the case when you go wandering the underworld, things with Persephone weren’t what they seemed. After all, she’s currently the stepmother who was completely fine with sleeping with Bo and that should be a pretty big red flag. We already know the maze was designed to trick Bo, and Persephone might have been working her own deceptions.

Still, if lighting that candle does mean a storm of violence in the human world—via Demeter or whatever/whoever else Walsh may be, does that mean that hand trying to stop Bo was actually her father trying to keep her, or someone trying to keep the candle from unleashing whatever it is Bo just woke up? I can only assume next week is going to help me tease at least some of that out, and in the meantime I can start to wonder if the things Persephone told Bo are really as true as they sounded. At this point I’ve read just enough mythology to feel confident questioning everything Bo heard and saw—and to be certain that taking something from hell guarantees bad consequences.

And they’re ones Bo is going to have to face without Kenzi. After Ksenia Solo was only listed as a guest star last week, I figured Bo’s best friend wouldn’t be around much longer and the suggestion of a Pt. 2 to the premiere seemed to indicate this would be the last of Solo’s run on the series. Though, since Kenzi only took off for an island as per Hale’s will and not back to the afterlife to be with him, we can continue to hope for one final reunion to go with that brief family dinner they had after Bo’s return. Kenzi may have said it best as she shot the now animated ghost haunting Lauren, interrupting the family yet again. But the moment also made me hope that maybe the finale would end with a similar moment—this time ghost free. In the meantime though, I am so ready for some baby daddy drama.

Lost thoughts:

  • While the continuity critic in me was at least happy to have an explanation for how Kenzi had matches with her, the real life critic in me questioned the wisdom of lighting fires when you’re short on oxygen.
  • Ditto drinking out of a beaker, which is a Science 101 no-no.
  • Kenzi: “So are you going to swallow the ritual blood sausage willingly, or am I going to have to hold you down?” Lauren: “You are going to have to hold me down.”
  • Dyson’s “Always” to Bo was downright Harry Potter-esque.
  • Is anyone else skeeved out that a ghost had sex with Lauren while she was sleeping?

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  1. Demeter causing people to scream in horror kind of very easily gels if you ask me. She’s the goddess of the harvest, not the hearth (that’s her sister Hestia) and when Persephone was first taken from her she went on a rampage and held the entire earth hostage by blighting it until even Zeus bowed down, paid tribute and returned her daughter for half the year, according to the Homeric Hymns. (There was also an incident of trying to replace the other Olympian gods and her daughter by making mortal babies immortal, but she failed and just started chucking them on the ground instead.)

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