Poll: What are your favourite Canadian series on Netflix?

The Canadian Screen Awards are set for the end of this month, celebrating the best among this country’s feature films and television shows.

Several past and present Gemini and Canadian Screen Award nominees and winners are currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada, and we wanted to celebrate that fact by teaming with Netflix for a poll leading up to the CSA festivities.

What’s at stake? The chance to win a one-year subscription to Netflix Canada. What do you have to do? Simply choose your Top 3 Favourite Canadian Series on Netflix and comment at the bottom of the page. We’ll select one random comment and award the poster a one-year subscription. So spread the word and vote for your faves! The poll closes on Monday, Feb. 23, at noon PT/3 p.m. ET.

What are your favourite Canadian TV shows currently airing on Netflix?

  • Murdoch Mysteries (30%, 181 Votes)
  • Trailer Park Boys (21%, 125 Votes)
  • Heartland (18%, 107 Votes)
  • Kenny vs. Spenny (9%, 54 Votes)
  • Republic of Doyle (9%, 53 Votes)
  • Dragons' Den (5%, 32 Votes)
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? (3%, 15 Votes)
  • Dogs with Jobs (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Caillou (2%, 10 Votes)
  • Darknet (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 457

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48 thoughts on “Poll: What are your favourite Canadian series on Netflix?”

  1. I’ve been a Doyle fan since the beginning, but I’ve watched it on regular TV. Trailer Park Boys is great to have on Netflix.

  2. Would love to see Netflix pick up 22 Minutes and/or Air Farce so I could watch some classic episodes from their glory days.

    1. I could not agree more. Heartland is the best show on Netflix and on TV. I actually got to spend about an hour with Amber once. she is one of the kindest people ever.

  3. Truthfully, I don’t watch anything Canadian on Netflix unless you count The 100. I don’t watch much that’s American either. 80% of what I watch on Netflix is British or other international tv shows and 15% is Bollywood movies (in university I had an Indian roomate who got me addicted). Usually when it comes to Canadian shows, I watch them while they are still airing on regular tv so I’ve already seen them by the time they show up on Netflix.

  4. Everything is fantastic was too too hard to chose just 3 shows. Can’t wait to find out the results!

  5. Gentle humour, improvisational technology, and women characters who regularly talk to other women — with Murdoch Mysteries on the list, every other show doesn’t stand a chance!

    (Now, can I please get more series of it on Netflix?)

  6. hands down dragon’s den – it’s inspiring to see canadians with such great business ideas. hello… the heft?! #best

  7. I didn’t know all of the shows listed where on there. They should have included The 100 (it is only half Canadian, filmed in Vancouver produced by the CW) I enjoyed the first season, not so much in the second season, I would have picked that over other items though.

  8. Well if I had to pick a top 3; although I wish I could place Trailer Park Boys at all three positions. However to follow the rules I would have to say Top 3 are: Trailer Perk Boys, Murdoch Mysteries, Heartland.

    : – )

  9. Where’s Da Vinci’s Inquest, Netflix? How about adding Warehouse 13 or Sanctuary? I want some alternative Canadian choices (not just the obvious).

  10. who doesnt love Trailer Park Boys ? They’re great. Doyle and Dragons Den are totally worth a look if you havent before.

  11. I really didnt get into Trailer Park Boys when it aired originally, but finding it on netflix has been great! Its not a masterful show or anything, but the characters are so hilarious, and it has probably the most unique perspective on bi-sexual/homosexual relationships that I’ve ever seen on tv.

    Republic of Doyle is dear to my heart because I love me some Magnum PI. Republic of Doyle is one of the cleanest and most honest homages to Magnum PI (and the 80s PI genre) that I’ve ever watched. St. John’s is also great to experience, it is a breath of fresh air to see a different location than a sunny beach or a gritty busy city. Canada should learn that one of the strengths is not the Toronto (or Vancouver’s) generic “Could be in Anywhere USA” looks, but their unique and distinct cities such as St. Johns, Halifax, Yellow Knife, etc. And really, Toronto/Vancouver have unique character and beauty too, and should be played up, not down.

  12. Doyle, Murdoch & Heartland.

    Are these the only Canadian shows on Netflix? Canada is producing many quality shows that could be showcased.

    Saving Hope, Remedy, Continuum, Arctic Air, Orphan Black are some among the current and recent shows. Just off the top of my head.

    1. Netflix rotates in shows and then takes them off. These 10 are currently available on Netflix. The advent of shomi and Crave TV may have an effect on what Canadian shows continue to be on Netflix because the networks will want to keep them for themselves.

  13. I have watched Murdoch Mysteries since the beginning. The talent, hard work and dedication from the cast and crew have made this show one of the best in Canadian TV. Not to mention what they all do above and beyond expectations for their fans.

  14. I haven’t heard of Darknet before. I’m going to check it out.
    It’s great Neflix is supporting Trailer Park Boys. I hope they keep producing more Canadian shows and add some a little more content. 10 shows seems pretty weak considering how much there is available.

  15. Republic of Doyle is my favorite show on the poll! I always wanted to see Newfoundland and thru this show, I did! The cast is top notch and I even met a few of them! With Netflix, I can watch these episodes again and again! Gotta love the Doyle’s and all the trouble they get into! Netflix rocks!

  16. I chose AYAOTD, Dragon’s Den and Kenny vs Spenny but the clear favourite is AYAOTD. Grew up on that show and it remains a delight in that 90s-cheese way!

  17. Wish I could vote for all of them, except Trailer Park Boys… Never developed any interest in watching that. Everything else on the list is great though!

  18. I’d love to see more CBC content on Netflix, especially doc zone, market place, 5th estate etc. Netflix would also be a great showcase for lesser known series/ docs that originally aired on TVO/Knowledge/SCN, etc. There is so much great can-con out there too bad THAT isn’t a priority of crave & shomi.

  19. It is a toss up for me between Trailer Park Boys and Kenny vs Spenny as my favourite Canadian show on Netflix, of the choices available above. I wish Corner Gas was on Netflix.

  20. Heartland is definitely the BEST show ever aired! It has captured my heart and made me feel like it’s not only a scripted TV show, but like… reality. So much emotion, life lessons and heart put into this show, it definitely makes the viewer feel a connection to the actores and the show.
    Heartland also shows people around the world Canadian culture; the daily life of a canadian, the beautiful landscapeof Alberta and so much more!
    Canada pride!
    Dogs with Jobs is also a good TV series. I love to see dogs changing so many people’s lives! They help many people survive. It shows people how much animals are helping people. It may get some people to realize how imporatant animals are and to help stop the improper treatment of ALL animals.

  21. From as far away as Australia, I’ve appreciated how much Murdoch Mysteries has taught me about Canada, and how much it’s revealed our similarities as well as our differences.

  22. I wish that more Canadian shows were on Netflix Canada or even available online especially on Roku. It would be nice to see an official CBC channel or even BGM or any of the other silos offering up the option instead of trying to come up with their own versions of Netflix.

  23. What I like about Netflix is that it gives me the opportunity to see shows which I missed out on or didn’t get to see. The problem with Canadian content on Netflix is that I’ve seen or checked out most of what’s currently on there. When I first got Netflix I enjoyed watching all the original Degrassi series because I was fairly young when I saw them all (I was born in 1983) and couldn’t remember much of it. What I’d love to see is more older series from the 70s and 80s or even the 60s although I’ve heard many of the older Canadian series weren’t preserved well. I also like to check out Canadian films such as that one Tatiana Maslany starred in called Grown Up Movie Star, and also that one with Joshua Jackson going cross-Canada on a motor bike (I can’t think of the title right now) because I don’t usually come across Canadian films anywhere else.

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