Property Brothers gamble it all on own At Home reno

Jonathan and Drew Scott have built themselves a nice little empire. They’ve got their TV series in Property Brothers and Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers, both of which air on W Network. They’ve got a production company that includes third sibling, J.D., on the docket. Heck, they’ve even got a Caribbean design cruise that fans can go on later this year.

Now Jonathan and Drew embark on their newest—and perhaps most important—project this week with Property Brothers at Home. Debuting Tuesday on W Network, the series follows the duo (with some help with J.D.) as they transform the spacious home they co-own in Las Vegas into something special in time for a family reunion.

“We wanted this show to be something different,” Jonathan says. “The most important parts of our shows are those brotherly moments when we give each other a hard time. Who can’t relate to that with a sibling or a friend?”

“When Property Brothers was first pitched to us, they wanted a male-female host combo. They thought Jonathan was very feminine, so it was perfect,” Drew teases, proving the point. There are plenty of friendly jabs in Tuesday’s bow, from Jonathan mocking Drew’s frustration at the cluttered garage, to Drew teasing Jonathan for his lack of a love life, and J.D. and Drew messing around with swords while Jonathan is being fitted for a suit of armour. (Yes, you read that right. The reason why is revealed by episode end.) Jonathan marvels that any work gets done because they’re constantly laughing and having a good time.

Tuesday’s first instalment in the four-parter quickly sets the scene: Jonathan and Drew bought a huge home in Las Vegas years ago, but because of their busy lives had never gotten around to renovating it. The two decided that 2014 would be the year they’d finally get the job done. And, after a year and a half of getting all of the necessary permits approved, they broke ground on the project. It was anything but smooth sailing. Sure, some overhead bulkheads were easily dismantled because there were no support beams hidden that needed to be saved, but a cut wire deep in the home’s foundation threatened to derail the whole thing.

“We both said that, no matter what happened, we had to keep the cameras rolling,” Jonathan explains. “No matter if it was during a fight or a problem with the build, we weren’t going to cut the cameras. There were a few moments when we were caught off-guard.”

“Jonathan has some diva moments,” Drew offers with a laugh.

Property Brothers at Home airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on W Network. If you want to give to the brothers’ charity, check out their website.