Review: (Almost) quitting time on Heartland

Sunday’s latest episode of Heartland covered the theme of quitting through several storylines while setting up what could be some pretty dramatic scenes as this season draws to a close.

“Riders on the Storm” saw the return of Georgie’s brother, Jeff, to Heartland where he made an immediate impression on Jade, even if part of the reason he was visiting was the result of a little white lie. I understand Jeff wanting to put blame on his boss rather than admit he quit because he didn’t like the new guy in charge. Thanks to Tim, Jeff got his confidence back and prepared to return to his job and prove he could handle more responsibility.

Quitting seemed to be in the cards for Scott’s nephew, Emmett, too. The latter was feeling the pressure of trying to live up to the former’s status as an award-winning relay horse racer and seemed to have an easy out because his horse kept bolting. Once Amy had solved that problem with a set of blinders, Emmett had to come clean to Scott about his feelings. I appreciate Heartland‘s writers for—for the most part, anyway—having characters admit to their true feelings within the same episode rather than drawing it out for weeks on end.

Speaking of quitting, Ty’s mom was still in rehab attempting to kick her addiction to alcohol and didn’t want her son visiting because she was ashamed she fell off the wagon. Ty took two steps back with regard to his maturity by responding badly to her request before coming to the conclusion that supporting his mother was more important than worrying about whether or not she wanted him there. He wanted to attend Family Day, so he was going.

I knew that, by the end of Sunday’s storylines, Tim and Jack would work out their differences—and hurt feelings—to emerge as equals in the rodeo school. Jack simply has too much experience for Tim to ignore what he has to say. I did love the back-and-forth jibes about age and inexperience on the road to a solution though, as well as the heart-to-heart where Tim revealed he’s been in a bad mood because Miranda is preparing to get married. Will Tim and Casey make it a dual wedding with Ty and Amy by season’s end or will he dump her and ask for Miranda’s hand? We’ll see.

Notes and quotes

  • “I’m not interested in training the next generation of weekend cowboys.” Jack has some of the best lines, doesn’t he?
  • “When was that guy’s last rodeo? When they were bucking dinosaurs?” Nice comeback, Tim.
  • As a die-hard Blackstone fan, it was great to see co-stars Nathaniel Arcand and Justin Rain on Heartland.
  • Does anyone else have a horrible feeling that Lou is coming back to Heartland by herself?

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.


3 thoughts on “Review: (Almost) quitting time on Heartland”

  1. I often wonder about Lou and Peter. It’s interesting that they got together in the first place, considering that in the book series, Lou and Scott were the ones who got together. As Heartland has been emphasized as a family show I wonder if the writers are allowed to make them get divorced. And as for Tim and Miranda, I always thought their relationship had been dropped too quickly but I assumed it was due to the actress having other commitments.

    1. I’ve been waffling on whether or not Lou and Peter will split up. On one hand, it might be too jarring for some viewers. On the other, it’s been pretty good about representing real life, even if it is through a slightly rosy lens. We’ll find out soon, maybe even this Sunday.

  2. I just love this show!
    I couldn’t stop laughing in the end when Jack says “call him (exclamation mark)”. He does have the best lines!
    I don’t want Lou and Peter to split, but I do appreciate the drama. I think, at least this season, they’re the ones having the hardest time…

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