Review: Broken hearts and ruined plans on Remedy

“You’re not alone, Griffin. You’re not alone.” Unfortunately, Allen’s cell phone plea fell on deaf ears. Last week I wondered just how far Griff could fall; if he goes any further Dillon Casey will be looking for another gig because Griffin is going to be dead.

By the time “Looking for Satellites” concluded, Griff had lied to Sandy, taken $1,000 of her money and bought coke with it. His face dusted with blow, he sat in a drugged-out haze in the apartment. I complained last week about Griff’s actions because I genuinely want him to succeed and kick the habit. Mirroring real life, it’s clear showrunner Greg Spottiswood isn’t going to do that with Griff this year. With just two more episodes left in the season, no epiphany is going to save Griff. I can only hope he doesn’t die.

Allen, meanwhile, did everything he could to get his son’s job back. He succeeded—and scored a tasty-looking omelette to boot—by threatening to let Frank’s job be eliminated, but he got the job done. But I fear it was all in vain. Griff has no interest in listening to Mel or Allen or in working at Bethune.

Monday’s new episode of Remedy wasn’t all about Griffin. Mel was waffling over her decision to move to Dallas with Cutler and it looked like she might not end up going … until EMT Nicole Foster (Kate Hewlett, The Stanley Dynamic and Stargate: Atlantis) walked into the ER looking to see the body of her dead wife, cop Stephanie. The sorrow in Nicole’s voice as she recounted how she and Stephanie met gave me a lump in my throat. I admit things got a little dusty on my couch when Nicole collapsed of a literal broken heart. That close call was enough to strengthen Mel’s resolve—and feelings for Cutler—and finalize her plans to move away.

The season is coming to an end, Remedy fans. Will Griffin die? Will Mel really move to Dallas? Sandy will find out about Griffin’s lie; will she forgive him?

Notes and quotes

  • “All my everything turned upside down.” Nicole with a perfect way to describe love.
  • “You’ve seen my face. Beauty rest. It’s the only shot I’ve got Conner.” Gotta love Sam.
  • “You’re too wild. Too alive.” Ooo, Marla.
  • “He has a vision. It involves a fertility clinic and a stripper.” Can Hugh hang out with Griffin every week?
  • Did Jerry really think kissing Mel would win her back? I just felt badly for the dude.
  • Lanagan Pike? Just where do the Remedy writers come up with these cool names?


‘s two-hour season finale airs Tuesday, May 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.