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Comments and queries for the week of July 9

Back to Square One on Dark Matter

“… the ring in his bedside table was apparently taken off his dead father, Emperor Ishida, after he was murdered by his son … a son identified as Four.”

But recall in the pilot that Five said she remembered living in the palace “until they killed my father and came after me. I could have killed them but I didn’t. I carved out their eyes and left them for my stepmother to find, the bitch.” When Two asked her, “You carved out their eyes?” Five answered, “Well, in the dream it was me, but it wasn’t wasn’t really me, because it wasn’t my dream.” Now we know it was Four’s dream, and that it wasn’t a dream, but a memory.

So according to Five’s memory of the events, Four didn’t actually murder his father; it sounds like his stepmother had the father murdered and then pinned it on Four. —Kathode

Thanks for clearing that up; I had totally forgotten that hint from Episode 1.

Is George leaving Murdoch Mysteries?

I live in Pretoria, South Africa, and when ITV choice started we first saw Murdoch, but Season 8 has just ended, so we are are looking for Season 9. Hope George is cleared. Wouldn’t be the same without him, but I believe he leaves the series. —Margaret

Which Orphan Black clone do you identify with? Who is your favourite reality TV host?

I identify with Alison all the way. She’s the one with the most “normal” life of the clones, I know a few women in real life very similar to her. I gotta respect how she manages to hold her family together (rehab stint aside) despite all the craziness going on around here. And you have to respect her ambition to be School Trustee and Drug Queen at the same time.

Also chose Jon Montgomery. He anchors the show well and you can see enthusiasm for it each year. The U.S. one has ran for 26 seasons so you can understand why Phil seems tired but it still dampens things a bit. —Dan


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