Comments and queries for the week of July 17

The Romeo Section rolls into production

Sounds like something I’ll like to watch as I like the premise and cast. Both of CBC’s new fall drama series sound great but I’m a tad worried about The Romeo Section’s timeslot—Thursday is such a packed night. —Alicia

The Amazing Race Canada roars out of the gate

I enjoyed the premiere. It was really surprising/fun to have the team that currently lives in Toronto not know what TSN was, plus another team with a rather lacklustre water Roadblock performance still managed to get 3rd and 2nd place respectively. Duthie’s face while they fumbled the script was good too.

With this and Big Brother Canada going strong, I wonder why we have’t had a Survivor Canada yet? But then I realize we don’t really have a good place to play it. Putting people in Nunavut is isolated enough but they’d always be huddled around a fire and if the crew tried to place a Hidden Immunity Idol the players could just follow the footprints in the snow. —Dan

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