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Comments and queries for the week of July 31

The key to Amazing Race Canada‘s Express Pass

You can really do one of three things with the Express Pass you have to give away:

A) Give it to another team you like out of friendship and maybe you can help each other on some random task down the line.

B) Give it to a weak team you feel sorry for. Perhaps hoping on the small chance they use it at a time when a stronger team is having a bad day so the Express Pass contributes to the stronger team’s elimination.

C) Give it to a strong team that probably won’t really need it but knowing it will probably make them a bigger possibility for getting U-Turned. And maybe the stronger team will help you on a task down the line. —Dan

Love/hate for Dark Matter

I think that Dark Matter S01E07 is one of this season’s best episodes, with an interesting, fast paced story and new interesting characters. I think it was a nice jump in quality, compared to the previous episode, that I found slow and not too interesting. —Juan

Not impressed with the addition of Ruby Rose to the great cast already in place. She is freaking annoying and not sci-fi material in my opinion. I’ll give her props in OITNB but this was not a positive for the show Dark Matter. It adds a sleazy feel. Last week we enjoyed wonderful character development. This week made me feel like I was watching The CW’s teeny B.S. —Not Happy


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