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Season 3 of Cabin Pressure a go at Cottage Life

The boys are back! Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan will once again rip-down and renovate a Canadian cottage for Season 3 of Cabin Pressure.

“We’re filming in Haliburton again for the new season,” McAllister and Ryan posted Monday afternoon on their Facebook page. “We’ve actually bought a cabin from a friend—who is moving to Niagara—so we know the building well. Been in and out of it for a long time. We chose our new little fixer upper specifically to resonate with you chaps: it’s a Viceroy: a style with which you’ll be very familiar—and we hope you’ll love what we have planned.”

The pair also revealed local contractor Randy Blain will return for the series’ third go-round: “We couldn’t do this without him!” they stated on Twitter.

The past two seasons of the Cottage Life show found the Scottish interior designers rebuilding Muskoka retreats. In Season 1 they teamed with two friends to renovate a shared property; in Season 2 McAllister and Ryan purchased their own tumbledown abode and built it back up.

The pair report production on Season 3 will begin soon; they buy a rental property and will find out what it means to play landlord. McAllister and Ryan have starred in such projects as Colin & Justin’s Street Swap and Colin & Justin’s Home Heist and have appeared on CityLine.