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W Network’s Game of Homes returns for drama-filled Season 2

The home renovation show with the best twist on a TV title ever returns with one of the biggest prizes in Canadian TV. Season 2 of Game of Homes is back Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on W Network with resident judges Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, host Dave Salmoni and four pairs of two looking to score one heck of a grand prize: a house, furniture inside the house and a plot of land to put it on.

Where Season 1 had the backdrop of Vancouver, the sophomore go-round is based just outside of Toronto, and eight weeks of toil turns into triumph for two people. Will it be Kim and Harry, who want to win the house for financial freedom and a chance to spend more time with their kids? Maybe best friends Domenic and Michael, hoping to move out of their parents’ home. There is also engaged couple Courtney and Tyler; and mother and son duo Shelley and Alex, looking to win the house to secure financial stability for Alex’s future. Regardless of who wins, the road is a bumpy one.

“When things happen and they realize, ‘Holy shit, I could win a house,’ that’s one reality,” says Salmoni during a break in filming. “Then there’s the reality of the first time they don’t enjoy being part of a TV show. ‘I’m having a first AD scream at me?’ ‘I have to do that again?’ There are a lot of things you don’t consider when you sign on to do a design show.” Salmoni, an animal trainer and host of such nature series as Rogue Nature and Into the Pride and heading up Mark Burnett’s adventure series Expedition Impossible, dispenses tough love to the competitors, who are challenged to renovate a room at a time in the run-down abodes they’ve chosen. At the end of each episode, McAllister, Ryan, a guest judge weigh in on whose room looks the best.

“Colin and I are very practical and there can only be one winner,” Ryan says. “But to get there, there is a big emotional journey. We have connected with the contestants, but we have to keep that barrier alive where we can be critical without offending.”

“I want them all to win, but I’m there for the rules,” Salmoni explains. “If you tell me you’re tired? Tough, this is what you signed on for. If you received some comments from the judges that you didn’t like? Tough, do better next time.” There’s a lot of that attitude—both from the judges and contestants—in Episode 1. The dazzle of being part of a television show quickly fades when hours stretch into days, ingenious ideas crumble and tempers flare. McAllister, Ryan and guest judge Todd Talbot pull no punches in their criticisms of the living room renovations and leads to bruised egos.

“The stress of it is expected for a show like this,” Salmoni says. “What I didn’t expect was the weather. It’s getting cold and there’s no heat in the houses. They’ve been struggling.” Luckily, the grand prize is worth it.

Game of Homes airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.


Dave Salmoni to host S2 of Game of Homes for W Network; Colin & Justin resident judges

From a media release:

W Network’s epic original production Game of Homes (8×60) is pleased to announce experienced television host and frequent late-night guest Dave Salmoni(Expedition Impossible, appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) as series host and dynamic interior design duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (Colin and Justin’s Home Heist, Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure) as the resident judges. Produced by Great Pacific Mediain association with W Network, Game of Homes Season 2 is currently in production in Toronto and is set to premiere on W Network in Spring 2016.

Multi-talented Sarnia, Ontario native Dave Salmoni is an internationally recognized on-air television host, animal trainer, and television producer. He is best known as the host of the Mark Burnett reality series Expedition Impossible on ABC, as the host of several television documentary series on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel US including Deadly Islands and Rogue Nature, and for his animal handling guest spots on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chelsea Lately and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to name a few. He is a large predator expert, with a specialty in re-wilding captive-born tigers and lions. He has survived shark and lion attacks and has his own production company based in South Africa that specializes in wildlife films. Taking over the reins from former host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Cameron Mathison, Salmoni goes from taking care of giant tigers to taking care of tired and worn out renovation teams. Salmoni brings a passion for renovation and the expertise he has learned from his wife, who is an accomplished interior designer.

As host of Game of Homes, Salmoni guides four teams of skilled amateur home renovators as they compete for the chance to trade their skills for the prize of a lifetime – their own home and a plot of land to put it on. The teams save rundown houses from the wrecking ball and week-by-week, revive them into dream homes, one room at a time. Each team works side-by-side, around the clock, to completely transform these dumps into show homes – while also living in them through the entire renovation. They will battle small budgets, tight deadlines, cramped quarters and each other for a chance to win a home and change their lives forever.


Previous guest judges on Game of Homes Season 1, Colin and Justin return as resident judges this season. Well-known interior designers, style commentators, Hollywood celebrity interviewers and all round lifestyle gurus who hail from Glasgow, Scotland, the duo have hosted 11 television series that air worldwide, from the BBC show Million Pound Property Experiment and ITV’s The 60 Minute Makeover to Colin and Justin’s Home Heist (HGTV) and Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure (Cottage Life). The pair are resident design experts on City TV’s Cityline and appear regularly on chat shows in Canada and the UK. They are guest judges on The Block, Australia’s biggest property show and designers on The Living Room, also in Australia. Their newspaper columns appear weekly in the Toronto Sun, 24 Hours Toronto, 24 Hours Vancouver and the London Free Press. They contribute to both the Huffington Post Canada and Design Sponge, writing décor and lifestyle features.

Bringing that expertise to the series, in each episode of Game of Homes, Colin and Justin vote for their favourite room renovations based on design and workmanship, working alongside a stellar cast of celebrity guest judges. In the finale, in addition to the judges, the public also casts their votes, and in the dramatic and life-changing conclusion, the winning team is awarded their spectacular new home.


Season 3 of Cabin Pressure a go at Cottage Life

The boys are back! Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan will once again rip-down and renovate a Canadian cottage for Season 3 of Cabin Pressure.

“We’re filming in Haliburton again for the new season,” McAllister and Ryan posted Monday afternoon on their Facebook page. “We’ve actually bought a cabin from a friend—who is moving to Niagara—so we know the building well. Been in and out of it for a long time. We chose our new little fixer upper specifically to resonate with you chaps: it’s a Viceroy: a style with which you’ll be very familiar—and we hope you’ll love what we have planned.”

The pair also revealed local contractor Randy Blain will return for the series’ third go-round: “We couldn’t do this without him!” they stated on Twitter.

The past two seasons of the Cottage Life show found the Scottish interior designers rebuilding Muskoka retreats. In Season 1 they teamed with two friends to renovate a shared property; in Season 2 McAllister and Ryan purchased their own tumbledown abode and built it back up.

The pair report production on Season 3 will begin soon; they buy a rental property and will find out what it means to play landlord. McAllister and Ryan have starred in such projects as Colin & Justin’s Street Swap and Colin & Justin’s Home Heist and have appeared on CityLine.


Colin & Justin back with more Cabin Pressure

The bonny boys of home renovation and decoration are back. Yes, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan—better known to their legions of fans as Colin and Justin—return for Season 2 of the pair’s primetime Cabin Pressure project where they take turn a dilapidated cottage into a dream getaway starting Sunday night on Cottage Life.

In Season 1, the duo partnered with friends and purchased a run-down outpost and converted it into something magnificent, complete with massive bunkhouse, outdoor hot tub and a bank of windows in the main house overlooking a lake. But it didn’t take long for McAllister and Ryan to yearn for a property of their own. So they sold it and went hunting for another piece of paradise.

That hunt—and the subsequent adventures involved in transforming “chicken poo into chicken pie,” as McAllister so colourfully describes in Sunday’s first instalment—is the show’s focus. There is plenty of poo, thanks to the wild animals who took up residence in the cottage, and … nastier things.

“We find a dead beaver, dead raccoons, dead pigeons and dead squirrels,” McAllister describes while Ryan makes a face. “The worst was, we removed some drywall and found the corpses of several hundred dead mice. We found what we thought was black insulating foam and it was actually the fur from several hundred dead mice. The stench was unbelievable.”

“There was a damp spot on the ceiling that we thought was just a little bit of water damage,” Ryan recalls. “And we uncovered a huge wasp’s nest and a highway of rodents.” McAllister figures they got rid of 80 per cent of the original cottage, keeping some character intact while meeting their needs in a prime lakeside location in Ontario’s cottage country. That involved lifting the building up off its foundation so that a basement could be dug out, adding extra space in a mud room, TV room, laundry and storage and over $100,000 to the value of the property.

And while Ryan describes Season 1’s final product as “European Colin and Justin,” he says this season’s project is all about connectivity. Bedrooms are enhanced to feel like guests are sleeping in the forest and the cottage’s main great room is modernized. But McAllister is quick to point out that chunks of money spent to update windows, septic systems and add the basement meant tighter design budgets and being creative with existing items. Case in point: they turned the top five feet of the television antenna into a fab lamp, resurrected the waterlogged deck into a headboard and made tables from discarded wood.

“I think last season was a walk in the park,” Ryan says. “This season is bigger build and we’re more boisterous. I like to think this is our Adele second album: better than the first!”

Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Cottage Life. Cottage Life is available for a free preview now.