Comments and queries for the week of October 2

TV Eh B Cs Podcast: The Many Realities of Mike Bickerton

A good listen! I knew Kristen’s leg cramps on TAR Canada and all the penalties must have freaked out the producers!

Also knew it was too cold for a Survivor Canada, it’d be hard to tell whose who under all the winter clothes, see teams from a distance in the snow and they could find the Hidden Immunity Idols by just following the crew member’s footprints. —DanAmazing

Smart and silly Sunnyside returns to City

So happy this got a continuation. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s new episode! —Iris

Up in Arms a gem of a documentary

This is such a divisive issue. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan where guns are everywhere. My father probably at one time had a dozen guns around the farm and he used them often for shooting various pests, particularly skunks which often carried rabies or coyotes which went after livestock. My husband has guns, is an avid hunter (like most men around here) and also shoots a lot of skunks which wander into the village. Guns are just a way of life around here, it always has been. And people in Northwest Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta absolutely hated the gun registry because it costed law-abiding gun owners a lot of time and money and inconvenience. There are also of people in Saskatchewan who would support the NDP because Saskatchewan is more socialist in culture (this is where the NDP has their roots, recall) but because people here are afraid the NDP will bring back gun registries or something related, they won’t vote for them. —Ally Oop

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