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Is House of Bryan: The Last Straw for Bryan and Sarah Baeumler?

Is this it for Sarah and Bryan Baeumler? After having TV cameras in their faces 24/7 for House of Bryan, have HGTV’s super-couple finally called it quits? The latest iteration of the franchise—returning Sunday with back-to-back episodes—is called The Last Straw. So, what gives? Is the title a reference to the show being set on their property close to farmland? Does it refer to this being the last-ever home they’ll renovate together? Or maybe it is, simply, the final steps in creating that forever home they’ve dreamed of.

“Is this the straw that broke the camel’s back and lead to divorce?!” Sarah says with a laugh during interviews at HGTV headquarters. The short answer is, no, the Baeumlers are not severing their marriage. As a matter of fact, their next TV project—read on for details on that—will bring them even closer together. “In the beginning, it was our goal to show our real lives. Bryan said at the very beginning that he wanted to show our house being built and everything that comes along with that, including what a couple goes through. The reality is, we have lives, there are jobs and kids and things happen.”

“Anyone that tells you, ‘I own a construction company and I’m building my house, it went perfectly, we were under budget and ahead of schedule and everybody is happy is full of shit,” Bryan says. “It’s just not like that. It’s not a railroad track. It’s a shipping channel and you’re meandering towards your destination.”


Things do, however, begin Sunday night without a hitch. House of Bryan: In the Sticks followed Bryan, Sarah and their kids Quentin, Charlotte, Josephine and Lincoln as renovations began on their home. Those episodes showcased how weather and other obstacles pushed construction on the new wing of the property way past the original deadline. Now that section of the home is done, and attention is turned to the original part of the house and the challenges that come with bringing 70s-era style into the present day.

In The Final Straw, Bryan begins the season by taking advantage of Sarah being away for two days and gutting the original structure. In no time, he and his team have dispatched old panelling, addressed some minor moisture issues and prepped for a vaulted ceiling by hauling in a massive beam to provide strength to the structure. As Sarah tells it, Bryan knows his best option is just to begin work on a project and then reveal what he’s done. That way, she can’t say no. Her reactions, of course, make for great TV.

“They’ve gotten quite a few reactions, and have had to edit out some language,” she says with a laugh. What you get from watching the Baeumlers on screen—and in a conference room with no cameras to capture it—is their sense of humour. These two take everything in stride and don’t let construction drama—or what some fans say online—bother them.

As for their next television project? They’ll be working more closely together. Bryan Inc., which began production just a week ago, spotlights Baeumler’s business by following him around during a typical day. Building and renovating homes will be part of it, as well as Sarah becoming more involved in the 60-plus employee company based out of Burlington, Ont.

“As Bryan says, ‘It’s bring your wife to work day. Let’s see how this goes!'” she says. “Bryan does have me sweeping some floors and it’s good to learn a job from the ground up. We have a really great working relationship and we’re expanding on that.”

“There are going to be challenges,” Bryan teases.

House of Bryan: The Last Straw airs back-to-back episodes on Sundays at 9 and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.


11 thoughts on “Is House of Bryan: The Last Straw for Bryan and Sarah Baeumler?”

  1. I need an address to mail Bryan Baeumler a letter ( more of an impassioned plea) for his construction expertise.

  2. Brian and Sarah you should do the reno at the prime ministers house. What a series that would be. Love to all of you. Love all your shows.

    1. Canadian tax payers could not afford Sarah’s tastes and she can never keep a deadline. Justin Trudeau only has 4 to 5 years till the next election. It would take Sarah six years to get anything she wanted done.

      1. Please , no more , didn’t Sarah put Bryan through enough on the last series , holding her breath and stomping around like some entitled melenial if she didn’t get her way . I feel you Bryan , “you are a saint “

  3. Wow…what a shame! While Bryan is sooo talented with his contrating, his wife’s taste in designing leaves alot to be desired. Fire the designer…what is with all the white and sterile ambience! You have four children!

  4. I had to stop watching the series, could not stand Bryan’s wife. Matter of fact will not watch anything of his again because his wife made him out to be the biggest waus ever. Great TV? I think not and most guys I’ve talked with about this agree, wifey was such a turnoff that husband Bryan’s male fan base has dropped right off. Saw on the TV guide the house was finished and so turned it on to see the final house, but put it on mute as soon as she came on, and switched off completely when they came to that blue monstrosity called a powder room. Does that woman really really think she has some design sense after that horrible mish-mash?

  5. Watched the final reveal episode – blech! My husband and I preferred the original over the final house. That powder room…..ugh. I’m sorry Sarah but a interior designer you are not.

  6. I love watching the shows, seeing how to transfer old to new was awesome, my husband even watched. We are getting ready to renovate an old house inside and out, and Sarah don’t listen to those people, everyone designs there house to there own taste, you like fresh some people pick old boring brown cause they can’t come out of there comfort zone. Love the show and the different designs Bryan does for people, we sure wish Bryan could help us out when we move to Ontario for retirement. Awesome job Bryan and Sarah.

  7. Beautiful house. Except for the powder room wallpaper. Fortunately, it’s not something that can’t be ripped off the walls! Sarah should just leave it to Bryan. :)

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