The Bachelorette Canada looks for love … and eligible fellows

At long last, The Bachelorette Canada will be a reality. After two go-rounds of The Bachelor Canada with Brad Smith and Tim Warmels, it’s time for a lass to seek love out of 20 available men. And after two seasons airing on City, the franchise jumps to Corus’ W Network; a much better fit for the reality program.

“This is a show that the W Network had been hoping to bring to their service for a long time and we’re thrilled,” says Claire Freeland, executive producer and owner of Good Human Productions, Inc., the folks behind the Canadian franchise. “It’s long overdue and we’re excited for Canada to see all of the eligible men from across the country.” Those men will be chosen from an open casting call taking place online now and during an upcoming cross-country tour set for January.

As for who the Bachelorette will be, Freeland is keeping that—and the locations the production will visit—under wraps for now, though she revealed cameras roll in Vancouver in March before jetting to national and international locations and wrapping in May. Those locations, Freeland explains, are chosen dependant on being a short flight or drive away in order to maximize different scenarios—beach days, high-adrenaline dates and romantic interludes—and are interested in having the franchise film there. (Bachelor Canada host Tyler Harcott has moved on to other projects and a new host will be named soon.)

And, like the locations they choose, Freeland has a checklist for dudes looking to participate in The Bachelorette Canada.

“We want to get guys from across the country who are at a life stage where they’re prepared to get engaged or settle down with someone,” she says. “We’re looking for guys who are prepared to be open with us. You have to be willing to share and be expressive, prepared to go through this process and experience the adventure of travelling around the world on this quest for love.”

And, one assumes, there for the right reasons.

The Bachelorette Canada will air on W Network next fall.


Are you someone, or do you know someone, who is looking for love and want to participate in The Bachelorette Canada? Head to W Network’s website to apply or nominate a buddy.