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Shocker: The Bachelorette Canada eliminates a contender

And just like that, one of the early favourites to win Jasmine’s heart has been eliminated from the competition. Yup, the man known as Sexual Tongue on Night 1 of The Bachelorette Canada—a.k.a. Thomas—got the short end of the stick at the closing of a dreaded two-on-one date with Mike. Thomas’ only crime was having a gypsy lifestyle full of international modelling gigs and Jasmine couldn’t figure out where she fit with that.

Instead, the rose went to Mike, who offers a more stable life for Jasmine and something she’s craving. I was sad to see Thomas go; not only was he a good-looking dude with a sense of humour, but he had a thought in his head too. But I was happy Mike remained and has a real chance of being around until the end.

Meanwhile, the next Bachelor Canada could very well be Drew. After not receiving a rose at the cocktail party, he went on an expletive-filled rant, calling Jasmine an idiot and vowing the show’s ratings will tank once he’s gone. He did, however, express interest in starring in The Bachelor Canada.

Frankly, the rest of Tuesday’s episode in Marrakesh, Morocco, was a bit of an emotional let-down. Benoit, the frenetic Frenchman, had his first-ever one-on-one date with Jasmine and was given a rose, but that wasn’t a surprise, really. Jasmine has liked him from Day 1 and her only worry going into tonight was whether or not Benoit had any concrete plans for the future. Once he assured her he was in for the long haul, she handed him the coveted flower.

Of course, no episode of The Bachelorette Canada would be complete without Drew acting up and he didn’t disappoint. The V.P. of sales boasted about the attention being on the program would get him and that it will lead to business deals. He also opined he’d like to score some acting gigs. Ug.


A rainy day tea date wth Drew, Kevin W., Mikhel and Kevin P. went well enough and they learned how to do the tall pour. Kevin W. reacted badly to sharing Jasmine with the others and Drew spent a lot of his time with her … talking about himself. When Kevin W. did get some one-on-one time with Jasmine, he admitted she was the only thing worth sticking around for. By the time the tea had gone cold, Jasmine had handed a rose to Mikhel.

The rose ceremony was a flurry activity, with Drew stealing Jasmine away immediately … to talk about himself. Kevin P. used his time wisely, lowering some emotional walls and collecting his first smooch of the season. Kevin W. hates cocktail parties almost as much as group dates and made that known before complaining Mikhel was given a rose instead of him. It was very interesting to see Jasmine put Kevin W. in his place and explain he wasn’t any more special than the other guys.

By the time the dust had settled Kevin P. and Kevin W. got the final two roses, bringing Drew’s reign of terror to an end. I only wish had stuck around long enough to see it.

Were you glad to see Drew sent home? Comment below!

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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Comments and queries for the week of October 7

The Age of Abundant Consultation

The CRTC heard what consumers wanted; they simply ignored what consumers were saying. The CRTC proved once more that it walks in the shadow of the regulated industries. The “BIG BOYS” dictated the terms and conditions of their “surrender” to consumer demands for a skinny cable package. The CRTC dutifully responded by making these the terms and conditions of their package. It did not take long for consumers to realize that after all of the CRTC’s hype about choice, they had been had. Once more, the CRTC proved to the public that they are not a credible regulatory agency who will place the interest of consumers above those of the “BIG BOYS.” J.P. Blais is largely responsible for this outcome. —Eamon

Bachelorette Canada makes Muzique in Montreal

Chris was respectful and asked Jasmine if she wanted the hear the goods on Johnny (Drew). If she wanted to just keep on going blindly and make her own decisions she should not have said yes. Maybe I don’t think like the rest of them, but it took guts from a guy who never really had any one-on-one time with her to let her know not to be fooled by a rat who’s in it for the game or the win while Chris himself seems more to have her best interests at heart not wanting to see her heart crushed by a player. I lost respect for the bunch of them. —Lori

Can I buy The Nature of Things?

I would like to order this series on Pompeii. How can I do this? Thanks. —Laura

We’re not sure if you can purchase episodes of The Nature of Things, but you’ll be able to stream it at CBC.ca.


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Bachelorette Canada makes Muzique in Montreal

Montreal is a city with European flair, an international vibe; a truly unique spot in this country. It was also the sight of the most dramatic episode of The Bachelorette Canada this season.

Was it wrong for Chris to mention Drew during his one-on-one time with Jasmine, calling the salesman out for his actions? Where Chris saw Drew’s actions as bullying, Drew claimed he was joking. But while there may be interpretation in the reading of Chris’ name on the one-on-one date card—that honour was actually for Mikhel—there was no mistaking Drew saying Chris wasn’t a man. But, what makes a man? Is a man someone who likes football, lives in Toronto and exudes cockiness? Is someone less of a man because he invents things and prefers philanthropy to philandering?

This season of The Bachelorette Canada has been an interesting one because it’s presented the wide chasm between who we are and expectations on who we’re perhaps supposed to be. It may be all in the editing—and goodness knows reality TV is created in the editing suite—but Drew is being presented as the biggest asshole I’ve seen in the Canadian franchise. If he is indeed like that in real life then I have no time for him at all. My high school’s halls were filled with jerks like him, backslapping dudes who are still reliving their Grade 12 gridiron successes while waiting for their work shift to be done. But if he’s not really like that … well, I feel badly for him because Drew’s been labelled. And as he’s been portrayed as acting so far this season, being labelled as something is tough to shake.


Because of the he said/he said between Drew and Chris, Jasmine made the right call and chose not to award a rose at the end of the football group date. That left Drew seething and calling Drew a “bitch” (pretty hard not to take that the way it was intended) and Chris wondering if he made a big mistake.

Really, Chris and Drew’s actions took away from what was a pretty great episode of The Bachelorette Canada, with Mikhel and Jasmine making a real connection during a slow dance and hot tub time after spray painting a rose on a brick wall (and him getting a real one) to Benoit scoring his own rose for performing so admirably in the Cirque du Soleil trapeze.

Jasmine nixed the cocktail party, opting to head right into the rose ceremony. Jasmine did pause after handing out blossoms to Mike, Kevin W., Thomas and Kevin P. before she pulled Drew aside to discuss whether he was there for her or himself. He reappeared, clearly shaken, and Jasmine resumed her task, giving Chris and Drew the final two roses. Unfortunately, Kyle (and his bow tie), Andrew and David were shown the door.

Do you think Jasmine was right to keep Chris? Should she have sent Drew home? Should they both go home? Comment below or via Twitter @tv_eh.

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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Bachelorette Canada gets jammin’ in Jamaica

The second episode in this dating franchise is one of the most entertaining. The gowns and suits are gone, and the need to act out in a crowd—for the most part—has given way to focusing on the person looking for a relationship.

So it was with The Bachelorette Canada, as Jasmine and her suitors stripped off their finery and headed to Ocho Rio, Jamaica, in a bid to not only foster some relationships but show off their beach bods. Usain Bolt was not involved in Tuesday’s episode, but I did spot something I need to add to my daily routine pronto: being handed a hot towel upon my arrival home to freshen up. It’s so refined.

Kevin, over his raging bout of stomach flu and still carrying that damned ekuele, was ready to connect with Jasmine and Wale spouted off a bunch of clichés to express how excited he was to be at the Sandals resort. But it wasn’t all fun and games and drinks by the pool. Party crasher Noah Cappe had serious business to attend to: delivering the first date information of the budding season. (While we’re by the pool, does anyone know why Mikhel has a nipple ring? I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just curious.) First solo date went to Thomas, a.k.a. Sexual Tongue; he and his man bun were thrilled to score some alone time with Jasmine. After tooling around the grounds in an ATV, the pair let their hair down (he, literally, and she into a bikini) for a beach picnic. Thomas’ near-death experience turned modelling career was enough to get Jasmine enthusiastic about what the future holds and he snagged a rose. (The rose, stuck to his muscle shirt, cracked me up for some reason.)

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Chris described the rift between two groups of men. On one side was Drew (the supposed bully of this season and guy who is there “for the wrong reasons”) and the Toronto party guys, and on the other Chris and the sensitive out-of-towners. According to Drew, you have to have balls to live in Toronto, and guys like Chris just don’t have them. (I’m not sure why Drew thinks living in Toronto equals having guts. It’s not like New York City of the 1970s here. Since when did living in a clean, metropolitan city equal being tough?) After calling Chris a dork to the Toronto guys, Drew then head-faked the inventor into thinking he’d been selected for a one-on-one date with Jasmine. Jerk.


Instead, it was a group date where Drew and Chris would be competing for personal time alongside other guys. After arriving at Tuff Gong Recording Studios, where Bob Marley used to record and inhaling some of the history (pot), the fellows were divided into two groups to write a reggae song for Jasmine. Seth was stressed, Chris was excited and Jasmine had eyes for Seth and his “Trudeau hair.” The Jaz-men, consisting of Chris, Seth, Kyle and Kevin P. were victorious (when can I download their song from iTunes?) and snagged personal time with Jasmine. Chris was the first to make a move, grabbing Jasmine and pulling her onto the dance floor, but it was Seth that made the first move by kissing her. Sadly, his tongue and teeth kept getting in the way. Kevin P. showed up and witnessed their liplock but to his credit shook it off and asked Jasmine why she was there and what she was looking for. That netted him a rose.

Andrew, Mikhel, JP, Wale and Kevin, meanwhile, landed the episode’s second group date and it was an intensely physical affair. Sand, wrestling and trying to win precious moments with Jasmine meant these dudes were all business. High school wrestling served JP well and he triumphed over Captain Canada, Kevin W. for extra time with the bachelorette. An impromptu game of Truth or Dare revealed the following: Mikhel has had his heart broken and vowed never to let it happen again and Kevin W. has been cheated on but has never cheated. Kevin W. and Jasmine both traded stories of their personal lives; I think he should have held her hand, but that’s just me. Regardless, he was given a rose.

By the end of the rose ceremony, the guys who were sticking around alongside the Kevins and Thomas were Mikhel, Benoit, Kyle, Andrew, David, Drew, JP, Scott, Mike and Chris. That left Seth and Wale on the outs, and exiting the series.

What did you think of Jasmine’s decision? Comment below or via Twitter @tv_eh.

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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Laughs, liquor and sexual tongues on The Bachelorette Canada

I have something to tell you, and I’m kinda proud of it. The Bachelorette Canada is my guilty pleasure. Please, go ahead and judge me (you’re not the first to do it), but sometimes there’s nothing more fun that watching a television show where you don’t have to think. You can just sit and be entertained. That’s what you get from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, and I’m OK with it. (It’s also the only series I actively yell at the TV during.)

So, going in with that attitude, I was pumped to watch Jasmine Lorimer begin her journey for her male co-star in life as The Bachelorette Canada debuted Tuesday night on W Network. Was it entertaining? Hell, yes! I love watching guys act tough in front of a lady, and the addition of alcohol pretty much ensures that’ll happen. I also enjoy watching the dudes who are “there for the wrong reason,” and jeopardize everyone’s “journey.” There was certainly some of that on Tuesday too.

After a quick introduction into who Jasmine is (a laid-back, spontaneous, adventurous hairdresser), her personal struggle (the death of her father at 12) and watching her tool around Vancouver on a bike, Jasmine chatted with Jillian Harris (Ed didn’t come up) about expectations. Then it was down to business, as the 20 bachelors rolled up in the requisite limos to deliver them in front of Jasmine. Among the standouts? Mike the firefighter, who caught Jasmine’s eye and connected over the proximity of their hometowns; Chris the inventor, who produced a burning rose to her; and Kevin P., who wowed Jasmine with a song—she admitted to being attracted to musicians—and vomited minutes later due to food poisoning.

There were, of course, the fellows that went with gimmicks to catch Jasmine’s eye—the aforementioned Chris; Tony and his cowboy hat; Kyle on one knee; Scott making a wooden box; JP, a.k.a. Butler in the buff; and Eddie, a.k.a. Canada’s Crush, fumbling through a telescope setup—but that never makes a big impression. What does is stimulating conversation. Jasmine got that from Drew, Thomas and (a.k.a Sexual Tongue). David scored major points not only with Jasmine but Chris too when he had a string section accompany his original tune … until he cockily said, “Top that!” to the other guys. Dudes are the best at getting in their own way and David proved it. We also learned that cowboy Tony may be an angry drunk, a fact that wasn’t lost on Jasmine.

Was I surprised firefighter Mike got the First Impression rose? Not at all. He clearly had a connection with Jasmine and is a humble guy. He doesn’t appear to play head games or boast, so unless he does something lunk-headed, he’s got the inside track to Jasmine’s heart. Sticking around for another week alongside Mike are Kevin W., Drew, Sexual Tongue Thomas, Mikhel, Kyle, Seth, Scott, Andrew, Chris, Benoit, Wale, Kevin P., JP and David.

(Also? Noah Cappe, so good on Carnival Eats, is a capable Bachelorette Canada host, stepping in to lay ground rules and support and then dipping back into the shadows to let the drama play out.)

This is going to be a good season.

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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