Shocker: The Bachelorette Canada eliminates a contender

And just like that, one of the early favourites to win Jasmine’s heart has been eliminated from the competition. Yup, the man known as Sexual Tongue on Night 1 of The Bachelorette Canada—a.k.a. Thomas—got the short end of the stick at the closing of a dreaded two-on-one date with Mike. Thomas’ only crime was having a gypsy lifestyle full of international modelling gigs and Jasmine couldn’t figure out where she fit with that.

Instead, the rose went to Mike, who offers a more stable life for Jasmine and something she’s craving. I was sad to see Thomas go; not only was he a good-looking dude with a sense of humour, but he had a thought in his head too. But I was happy Mike remained and has a real chance of being around until the end.

Meanwhile, the next Bachelor Canada could very well be Drew. After not receiving a rose at the cocktail party, he went on an expletive-filled rant, calling Jasmine an idiot and vowing the show’s ratings will tank once he’s gone. He did, however, express interest in starring in The Bachelor Canada.

Frankly, the rest of Tuesday’s episode in Marrakesh, Morocco, was a bit of an emotional let-down. Benoit, the frenetic Frenchman, had his first-ever one-on-one date with Jasmine and was given a rose, but that wasn’t a surprise, really. Jasmine has liked him from Day 1 and her only worry going into tonight was whether or not Benoit had any concrete plans for the future. Once he assured her he was in for the long haul, she handed him the coveted flower.

Of course, no episode of The Bachelorette Canada would be complete without Drew acting up and he didn’t disappoint. The V.P. of sales boasted about the attention being on the program would get him and that it will lead to business deals. He also opined he’d like to score some acting gigs. Ug.


A rainy day tea date wth Drew, Kevin W., Mikhel and Kevin P. went well enough and they learned how to do the tall pour. Kevin W. reacted badly to sharing Jasmine with the others and Drew spent a lot of his time with her … talking about himself. When Kevin W. did get some one-on-one time with Jasmine, he admitted she was the only thing worth sticking around for. By the time the tea had gone cold, Jasmine had handed a rose to Mikhel.

The rose ceremony was a flurry activity, with Drew stealing Jasmine away immediately … to talk about himself. Kevin P. used his time wisely, lowering some emotional walls and collecting his first smooch of the season. Kevin W. hates cocktail parties almost as much as group dates and made that known before complaining Mikhel was given a rose instead of him. It was very interesting to see Jasmine put Kevin W. in his place and explain he wasn’t any more special than the other guys.

By the time the dust had settled Kevin P. and Kevin W. got the final two roses, bringing Drew’s reign of terror to an end. I only wish had stuck around long enough to see it.

Were you glad to see Drew sent home? Comment below!

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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35 thoughts on “Shocker: The Bachelorette Canada eliminates a contender”

  1. awesome! that made my night since I couldn’t see the show tonight and have spend minutes looking for the results! I just can’t believe she kept this guy for another week when he is a bully and an abuser, a narcissist! karma….

  2. So glad to finally see that loser go. What an exit! Couldn’t have been happier that he showed his true colors, what an ass! But, so very sad to see Thomas go. He is such a sweetheart and possibly the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen! Can’t believe I live only an hour away from such a gorgeous creature. Oops…. think I may have got off topic. Question was about that loser. What’s his name again? Ha!

  3. I cringed every time Drew opened his mouth. What a scene stealer!
    If he is the next bachelor – I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THE SHOW!

    1. I pity the poor woman he picks if he is next bachelor. I am sure ratings will drop. He is one of the most hated bachelors I have ever seen. He told them on his way our their ratings will drop ha like he was the star. And calling her an idiot that tells all

    2. Me either. He is so all about himself and his sales. What kind of husband would he make. A controller? Who ever wants him will either be very insecure or crazy. Take a look in the Mirror Mr. Drew you are not all that amazing.

    3. I am with you, who would want to see any more shows with this fake person on it. I cannot even believe that offer would be make to a person who acts like him, particularly his obnoxious performance when he was eliminated. Nobody wants to watch THE DREW show, except maybe DREW. Just an all around bad human being. At least the show will warn people off him and not allow the fake salesman into their lives.

    4. Me either, who could stand weeks of that insincere, smug creep! I thought that comment was joke when I heard it said to him, as he raged out looking every bit the loser, he looked like the whole show.

  4. I couldn’t stand the dude! So full of himself, so cocky. He thought that he was better than everyone else! It was strange that Jasmine didn’t see right through this at the beginning and kept him for so long!

  5. It’s too bad – he’s a very nice guy!! He’s not at all like he’s portrayed, which is probably why she kept him on. He’s fun, sweet and kind. Jasmine’s loss. The other guys are not impressive AT ALL!

  6. I am relieved that Drew went home. He would not make a ‘bachelor’ which Canadians could and should be proud of to watch. His behaviour throughout the show was disappointing; but his exit after being eliminated was such poor taste. I am sure there are many other eligible men who would represent our country in more positive light.

  7. Finally that tool is gone (drew).. everytime I watched him put on a show to be nice and sweet it made me want to vomit. He’s wrong, the ratings will go up because hes finally gone! Good luck on any woman wanting to settle down with you now. You showed your true colors and how immature you really are. If you are the next bachelor, the only women that would come on the show; would be those who have the same intentions as you. Boosting their ratings in real life for business and being recognized from being on a show. Sad it took Jasmine this long to realize how big of a loser he is. BTW bullying is actually not cool, they should have threw him off the show earlier! So many times I just wanted to switch the channel, seeing how disgusting he is.

  8. Thomas was sent home that is the real drama. He is beautiful, oozes sex appeal, I can’t help thinking what a mistake, what a mistake!!! Jasmin said she kinda wished she could go back and change her mind, she knows she made a mistake. Thomas should have been there until the end for sure. He should have never been put on that 2 on 1 date.
    I’m thinking the bachelorette has lost it’s appeal for me, now that Thomas is gone.

    1. I’m so sad Thomas is gone. I agree, I’ll miss him so much…. I think he needs someone more artsy and sensitive. A gorgeous beauty with a heart of gold… like him!

  9. Kevin W is in love with Jasmine (he said exactly that in a voice over in a preview.) He’s not acting entitled to a rose, he is hurting because he loves her and he is being kept away from her and when he does see her he has to watch her make out with every guy she can get her lips on. It’s unfortunate he used the rose as a symbol to express how he feels because Jasmine immediately blew a gasket and assumed it was all about the rose and winning the competition, a prejudice she already had because that’s what she grilled him about earlier. She was misunderstanding Kevin’s point, as he said. For example, he said she wanted them to open up so he was being open about being jealous, and she jumped down his throat about other guys opening up more than he did. She was the one who made a competition about opening up, not him. He was looking for reassurance and instead she slapped him down by telling him others were doing better than him. She got mad and never gave him a chance to explain, then hurt him so much he just wanted to go home. I know he signed up for competing with other guys but he himself said the problem was he didn’t expect to have such deep feelings for her. Such strong emotions as love and jealousy are difficult to contain, and the camera amplifies everything, and the producers are always revving up the drama behind the scenes, making sure Kevin sers her making out with other guys. So I don’t blame him for his emotional reaction, it proves he’s really there because he loves her, and far from being into the competition as Jasmine accused him of, he wants nothing to do with competing with the other guys. As he said to Jasmine he just wants it to be over and wants to be with her. Also, remember he said earlier he had been cheated on, which would explain why he’s having such a hard time with seeing her kiss other men.

      1. Thanks, good to know I’m not alone and others saw what he was trying to say. He didn’t need to be put in his place, it was love, not ego.

        I’m wondering if the producers put it into Jasmine’s head he’s there for the competition, because he has never done anything to make her believe he’s only there to win, and this came out of the blue, she’s never suspected him of ill intentions before. And we know from past participants on Reality TV shows that producers manipulate their emotions behind the scenes to fuel more drama.

  10. He was hilarious, even if he was conceited. He was great entertainment, as he was there for all the wrong reasons. I loved his evil laugh, and he was a charmer who knew all the right things to say, even though all he talked about was him self but I think Jasmine finally saw though it. I could see Drew on the next Batchorette of Canada, it would never be a dull show. show.

  11. I have no doubt that producers pushed Jasmin to keep Drew around. All you have to do is watch the series ‘Unreal’, to see how production manipulates everything. They are creating a show it’s not a documentary. That’s why so few Bachelors/Bachelorettes end up staying together. It’s entertainment (for some people), not real life. I’m so sad that our tax dollars go to this garbage.

  12. I love Thomas, he is gorgeously handsome. That twinkle in his eye tells me he is a free spirit. Sad to see him go.

  13. Drew was a super douche. Newsflash Drew, you’re not as hot as you think you are. The arrogance was a huge turn off, not to mention that hyena laugh.

  14. Jasmine made the Biggest Mistake of her Life when she sent Thomas packing. He is too sweet for a girl like Jasmine. I am seeing her true colors…..or maybe she is not really ready for love. She wants more of a challenge and will unfortunately learn the hard way that it is not love, but intrigue with fringes. I can only hope she changes her mind, and realizes that to have a peaceful, gentle man as a life partner is actually more fulfilling. One that worships her as his Queen. Too Bad, very sad for her loss, and it is a loss that will hit her where it hurts when she is 40ish and all worn out from keeping up to Mister Intrigue………

  15. Drew is and always will be ALL About Drew…….he has one of the largest “L’s” on his forehead that I have ever seen. Men the likes of him are……just…..expendable toys that you use, play with and grow tired of quickly. What he is portraying is unintelligent, crass, no class and certainly no respect for anyone around him. If he keeps it up, don’t worry…..he will get what he is looking for, only they will be better at that game than he is!

  16. I could not stand Drew and the possibility of him being bachelor Canada would repel me from watching the show. How could you possibly even contemplate such a thought. He is self centre, egotistical, and a real douche. Since day one when he was introduced and kept winking at the camera I have had a hate on for the guy. Who does he think he is, he is such a jerk. If Mike (Firefighter,Paramedic) does not get chosen by Jasmine I think he would make a great Bachelor Canada.

  17. I could not stand Drew and the possibility of him being bachelor Canada would repel me from watching the show. How could you possibly even contemplate such a thought. He is self centre, egotistical, and a real douche. Since day one when he was introduced and kept winking at the camera I have had a hate on for the guy. Who does he think he is, he is such a jerk. If Mike (Firefighter,Paramedic) does not get chosen by Jasmine I think he would make a great Bachelor Canada.

  18. The only way ratings will go down is NOT due to Drew’s departure…it will be because she let Thomas go….Drew is so full of himself!!!!

  19. If Drew is the next Batchelor I dont think I can watch this season.
    My Mac will be broken before the end of the first episode

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