Murdoch Mysteries goes to hell

“Bl**dy H*ell” indeed. With just two episodes left in this season, Murdoch Mysteries rid itself of another villain intent on taking down anyone associated with Det. William Murdoch. OK, so it wasn’t a serial killer or Gillies back from the dead, but Chief Constable Davis was a wily fellow.

Where Chief Constable Giles became a character fans could feel compassion for, Davis was a straight-up jerk to the end, framing Brackenreid for racketeering when it was Davis who’d been shaking down businesses in Station House No. 5’s territory since he was a lowly constable. Unlike most Murdoch Mysteries episodes, Monday’s newest—written by Paul Aitken—got right into the action, first by having Rebecca rush to the aid of a man who’d fallen off a ladder and had a piece of glass pierce his chest and following with the arrest of a pawn broker selling stolen goods. Before long, Murdoch and Brackenreid were up to their eyeballs in corrupt cops led by Davis. But the moustachioed Chief Constable successfully stayed ahead of the two and Brackenreid was framed. Brackenreid quite understandably took the job in City Records—that meant he could keep his police pension—and ran into one of the show’s most colourful people not based on a real-life character.

David Hewlett was simply fantastic as the uptight Mr. Dilton Dilbert, the head of City Records whose Swear Jar was 10 cents richer mere seconds after Brackenreid had joined the office. Yes, putting Brackenreid in that spot was humorous, but it also contributed to the main story, as he uncovered deep corruption within the city. With help from Murdoch, Crabtree and Higgins, Brackenreid proved Davis was the one in charge of the racketeering ring and sent the bad cop packing … right into City Records. Bloody hell, indeed. (Favourite moment of the night? Higgins eating a spoiled sandwich to throw Davis off the trail. A close second? George going through his repertoire of Italian, Swedish and Hungarian voices to help identify the “woman” involved in the money drop plot.)

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.


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