Heartland celebrates Season 10 news with a surprise

Heartland fans have a lot to celebrate. Not only was their favourite TV show renewed for Season 10, but Ty and Amy’s lives are about to take a huge step forward.

Yes, on their first wedding anniversary, Amy announced to Ty that she’s pregnant. (Congratulations to showrunner Heather Conkie and her writing crew for having Cassandra’s pregnancy throw us off the trail.) I assumed Sunday’s season-ender “Resolutions” would deal largely with Lou and Peter’s decision to get back together or not. It did, but Amy and Ty still stole the show from them.

And let’s not forget about Adam and Georgie, who are officially an item. I guess saving each other’s lives—him last week in the sanctuary fire and she this week with the diabetes sugar shot—was enough for Adam to stand up to his father (played by Cracked‘s Dayo Ade) and demand the young couple be given a chance. Seeing them hold hands under the aurora borealis was very sweet.


Meanwhile, Peter’s return to Heartland was bittersweet. Despite his teary confession, a promise and a kiss on the lips with Lou, he’s leaving empty-handed. And, after everything Lou has been through this season, it’s the right call. Yes, it would have been easy to have happy-endings all around relationship-wise by the end of the episode, but Conkie has too much respect for the storyline and I applaud her for that. There are plenty of divorced couples in the real world, and Peter and Lou are determined to be great parents to their daughters. That’s more important than keeping others happy. (I was sad to hear Tim and Casey are on a break, but maybe things will be better next season.)

What did you think of Heartland‘s season finale? Are you hoping Ty and Amy have a boy, or a girl? What else do you want to see happen in Season 10? Comment below or via @tv_eh on Twitter.



18 thoughts on “Heartland celebrates Season 10 news with a surprise”

  1. With all due respect, when S10Ep01 production begins in 2 months, is Amber going to use pillows, or is she also expecting? Also, that would mean we won’t be seeing Amy riding for the duration – a new road for certain.

  2. I really enjoyed the finale, it was perfect. I am actually glad Lou didn’t take Peter back, it was definitely the right call. Is there a future for Mitch’s character? I sure hope so. I think both he and Lou deserve some happiness and they look good together. Additionally, with Amy being pregnant, I guessing Georgie will be stepping in a bit more, helping Amy with the horses.

  3. I wonder if the show will ever rexplore Lou and Scott’s relationship. Recall that way back when Scott broke up with Lou, he later confessed to Ty during their plane crash survival that breaking up with her was a mistake

  4. I was really impressed with the story lines to date. I hope they continue the same format for seasons to come, and that CBC wakes up to the fact that they have the two best shows on television ( the other being Murdoch )

  5. Love the story line could not have played it out better. The show is amazing I have watch from season 1-9 in 3-4 weeks because the show is just that good I give it to the person that made it happen your awesome please keep up the good work!!!!!!

  6. I though the last episode of season 9 was perfect! Absolutely amazing!! Keep up the great work and I’m so excited for Amy and ty’s baby!

  7. The finale was great. I was very happy that Lou and Peter did not get back together which would have been the easy way. I like Mitch’s character and hope Season 10 takes us that direction with Lou. Georgie will definitely have to pick up the reins, so to speak as with Amy’s pregnancy she will have to take a step back from the horses.
    Great Show. Have watched from the start and will continue to watch as long as it runs.

  8. Every time I know a new episode is available I cant wait to watch it. The ending to season 9 was Perfect and I’m ecstatic for season 10. Although i do not agree with the above comment for Amy just because you’re pregnant does not make you disabled. I rode horses (including running them) half way through my 9th month. Oh and my daughter was completely healthy; which is all I wish for Amy & Ty in the next season. I will be patiently waiting for season 10. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  9. When does season begin.on CBC.
    I love this show but wind up missing some episodes not realizing it is back on.

  10. I look at the Lou and Peter drama a little different i guess. The world is full
    of divorced parents, so why not show
    an audience in a “Family” show how two adults can work things out. Is this pie in the sky thinking? Maybe, but
    this is suppose to be a feel good family show, in my opinion.

  11. My family has enjoyed every season and were really impressed by the last episode. My girls have been living with type 1 diabetes for seven years and where really grateful that the writers took the time to introduce this medical issue that is potentially life threatening. Georgie and Adam did a great job of portraying what it is like and how most people don’t know how to treat a diabetic low. Great job! We are looking forward to season 10.

  12. Please dont let Lou get back together with Peter, hate him! She should marry mitch or scott!!!!! And amy should make her life more exciting again

  13. I want the same people on season 10. I also thinks that ty and Amy should have had a baby a long time ago

  14. I just discovered heartland this spring and I am obsessed. I am the proud owner of all 9 seasons on DVDs. I have watched it from beginning to end twice! I cannot wait for season 10. The reason I am so hooked is the awesome relationship ty and Amy have had and hopefully continue to have. My only disappointment was not enough of ty and Amy in season 9. Keep up the good work. Don’t quit any time soon. Very family oriented show!

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