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Murdoch Mysteries‘ Season 9 and what’s to come in Season 10

I very much enjoyed the season-ender and am very happy that it has been picked up for yet another season. I find the program to be most enjoyable and have followed the show for the nine seasons it has been on. I would like to see Murdoch and Julia with a child and their new home in Season 10. Their is a lot of garbage on TV and it is refreshing to be able to sit down and watch this show. I think you have done a great job. —Cathy

Shame on the people who criticized this episode for its lack of verisimilitude. I agree with the viewer who observed that this great show is fiction and not a documentary. As in all works of fiction, some suspension of disbelief is necessary. I watched this episode and absolutely loved it. This is a wonderful show and all of the actors (especially Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy and Jonny Harris) are superb. The humour, smart dialogue and the perfect integration of historical fact and creative storyline are what keep the audience coming back each week. This season finale was riveting. You see the physical and emotional closeness between the two main characters and how that translates into interesting plot twists. I appreciate that Hélène is the one saving Yannick and demonstrates both physical and emotional strength. The power of the mind and the mental bond between Yannick and Hélène are repeatedly demonstrated throughout the episode. The spiritual and the unexplained have been incorporated in past episodes. I think the way that they are used in this episode just adds to the appeal of the perfect partnership between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden! To the writers of this show: Keep up the great work! —N

I personally loved the final episode and I love the show and can’t wait to see what Season 10 brings. Keep up the great work. —Deborah

My wife and I loved the last episode. Julia bursting awake, galloping the horse through the wilderness, dressed to hunt for her love, William, and save his life with the bow and arrows. WOW. Very stressful episode but thank the writer gods for a terrific happy ending. —Stevie

Here’s the issue. If we look at the progression of the series, there was a fine balance between events and the character, and there was a strong emphasis on the mystery aspect of the series. The series has lapsed into more soap opera and needs to get back to its roots and focus on, as the title says, Murdoch Mysteries (stressing the mysteries). Perhaps it is time to bring in some new writers who will focus on exploring Toronto/Canada’s history in a way that was accomplished in seasons 1-7. Without doubt, Season 8 was the worst season—Season 9 redeemed itself but some of the episodes remained a bit sketchy. We don’t expect a perfect season but focus on what has made this show great and listen to your audience. I love this show. —Raymond

Absolutely disgusting, a terrible way to end what had been so enjoyable. How could the writers think we are so gullible? If this is the way the show is going I won’t be watching it next season for sure!!! I felt very sorry for the actors, they must have cringed with the stupid plot. —June

I agree. It was totally unbelievable. I am not sure if I want to continue watching the show after this. I found that the entire season was much poorer than the previous ones. —Pat


Heartland celebrates Season 10 news with a surprise

Every time I know a new episode is available I can’t wait to watch it. The ending to Season 9 was perfect and I’m ecstatic for Season 10. Although I do not agree with the above comment for Amy just because you’re pregnant does not make you disabled. I rode horses (including running them) halfway through my ninth month. Oh and my daughter was completely healthy; which is all I wish for Amy and Ty in the next season. I will be patiently waiting for Season 10. Keep up the GREAT work!! —Whitetail

The finale was great. I was very happy that Lou and Peter did not get back together, which would have been the easy way. I like Mitch’s character and hope Season 10 takes us that direction with Lou. Georgie will definitely have to pick up the reins, so to speak as with Amy’s pregnancy she will have to take a step back from the horses.
Great show. Have watched from the start and will continue to watch as long as it runs. —Nancy

I though the last episode of Season 9 was perfect! Absolutely amazing!! Keep up the great work and I’m so excited for Amy and Ty’s baby! —Alana

I really enjoyed the finale, it was perfect. I am actually glad Lou didn’t take Peter back, it was definitely the right call. Is there a future for Mitch’s character? I sure hope so. I think both he and Lou deserve some happiness and they look good together. Additionally, with Amy being pregnant, I guessing Georgie will be stepping in a bit more, helping Amy with the horses. —Felicia


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