A new detective joins the Motive team

As the final season of Motive rolls, Tuesday’s newest instalment, “Index Case,” features one of the show’s most expansive storylines yet, and the city is in danger. The main storyline also marks the debut of a new cast member in Karen LeBlanc (Cracked), who checks in as Det. Paula Mazur. Here’s what we can tell you without giving any major plot points away.

Motive goes international … sort of
The episode begins in the rain forest of Chile, where the murder victim is mapping out the best route for an oil company’s pipeline. His return home—and regular spa appointment—sets in motion events that put citizens at risk.

Five-yards for unsportsmanlike conduct
I’ve personally loved Det. Mitch Kennecki’s brash assumptions and cockiness. He did push the boundaries of professionalism, however, when he asked BC Furies quarterback Russell Bowman for an autograph. That indiscretion gets Mitch called to the carpet in front of Vega.

New-ish kid on the block
Det. Paula Mazur makes her first appearance of the season. She’s accomplished, confident and catches Angie off guard. Matt MacLennan’s script leads to some great awkward moments between the two ladies … and an extra coffee for one lucky cop.

Lucas vs. the Librarian
Lucas goes in search of clues at the local library and runs afoul of a militant marm.

Betty’s in danger
Let’s just say certain details regarding the victim cause an uproar in the morgue and Betty’s not safe.

Awwww, Bega…
You’ll know what we mean when you see it.

Get out the Purell
You’re going to want it after watching this episode.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.