Comments and queries for the week of April 8

Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

Such a loss. So much energy and a truly good person. What is the matter with the people at Rogers? —Eleanor

You have made one big mistake. I for one will never again watch City TV. How do people like you sleep at night? —Bernadette

We can all say Jenn is better off, but I am pretty sure she doesn’t feel that way. The truth is that it’s a crappy situation all around. Same thing happened at CHCH and it sucks. I won’t say I am not going to watch BT anymore because there still are great people on, however it’s so annoying when these big corporate companies come in, take over and put people out of jobs. I personally wish you all the best Jenn, and look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Keep smiling even through the hard days. We love you, xoxo. —Andrea

A special call out to Jenn and Gord. Not sure most of you know, but both of them have been huge supporters of The Children’s Breakfast Club, an Ontario charity that supports less fortunate kids in Ontario. The club receives all of its support through private donations, no government ties. Both Jenn and Gord were huge club supporters and showed us for many years to garner support for Rick and the team! You could say it was part of their job, and they did a heck of job doing it! Best of luck Jenn, and luck will have little to do with your success in the future! —Bill

Perfect example of the decision makers not really having their finger on the pulse. I’m sure this decision was made in a corporate boardroom by a suit that has no idea of her viewer loyalty. Often it’s a money decision disguised as a direction change, but a smart decision would’ve been to work her into whatever new direction they were taking and valuing 23 years of solid viewer loyalty. Another station WILL scoop her up and take her 23 years of viewers’ loyalty as well! —EZ

Another nail in the coffin of watching BT. I was a loyal viewer for years, but with more commercials than news content, less host interaction, boring talk segments and now Jennifer leaving. I am watching CP24 each morning. I’ve had it with Rogers TV! —Rita

Well! No reason to watch BT in the morning before going to work anymore. Best part of my day was watching happy-go-lucky Jennifer.
Jenn, you can do better than BT! Take some time off and relax … you deserve it! —Rod

Will Bryan Baeumler ever come to any state in U.S.? Love his show and his work. None better! Thank you. —Barbara

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4 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of April 8”

  1. i was shocked to hear that miss jennifer was fired from bt! we met her about 3 years ago and i had my little grandaughter with us we went in where they do all there morning shows. she was so nice very freindly, franky flowers was also there! so nice too we will miss you and your big smile and how you were so happy every morning, which was always good too see.specially when we always see bad things or hear about things,that are not important!never lose that miss jennifer, its always better to be happy!! we need more happy people in this world!!! good luck on your next journey, thankyou for your mornings!! the wilson family!

  2. Breakfast television needs to get rid of Dina,,,,,,,,shes useless as a host..stick to your hair commercials..Bring back Jennifer,,,

  3. I was absolutely astonished about this news. As far as I am concerned Jennifer made the show. She was so bubbly and it showed she really loved what she did. When I watch bt now, but not anymore, all there is is chaos, yelling and screaming. Maybe you should of thought who to get rid of. The likes of Kevin Frankish, who thinks he knows it all. I really hated on your Halloween episodes how he never dressed up, loser!! As far as Dina, she’s useless, doesn’t know much about anything.

    I think you really made a big mistake.
    Love u Jen. Good luck with whatever you do.

    **will not watch bt ever again.

  4. I said I wouldn’t and haven’t watched BT since Jennifer was let go and I now watch CP24. I can’t believe they let go the one person who went beyond and above. She tried everything and always pretended that she was extremely interested. Kevin is so annoying as he constantly cuts people off I seriously don’t know how his co-workers don’t tell him to shut up and let me finish a sentence. Dina calls in sick more often than not. Bring Jennifer back and I will come back as will I am sure a lot of other viewers.

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