Donnie steals the spotlight on Orphan Black

Yes, I know Season 4 of Orphan Black has (so far) been the quest to find out what the cheek bots are, what they do and how to remove them. We’ve been introduced to M.K. (there’s a killer reveal this week regarding her past), gotten great flashbacks to Beth’s story and have witnessed some truly inspired crafting from Helena. But Donnie has been kicking some major butt so far this season. Maybe it’s because we need someone like Donnie to inject some levity into a series full of science and drama, but some of Kristian Bruun’s best stuff is part of Thursday’s new episode, “From Instinct to Rational Control.”

Donnie + Helena
An all-too-brief scene features Donnie explaining the struggles he and Alison had as they tried to conceive. It’s a tender moment between two characters who are usually providing laughs, like last week’s chat with the police officers.


Donnie + Felix = Orphan Black‘s new power couple?
The investigation into Trina’s pregnancy is thrust forward thanks to Felix and Donnie going deep undercover at Lifespring Fertility. Alison can’t go in because Beth already did, so it’s up to the two boys … who pretend to be a couple. Again, Donnie provides the chuckles, especially when it comes time for him to provide a sample to the Lifespring staff and calls on Alison for some help. Also? I’d definitely watch a spinoff series named Douglas & Julian.

Orphan Black airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Space.


One thought on “Donnie steals the spotlight on Orphan Black”

  1. I thought the exact same thing, I think Kristian Bruun is spectacularly talented, just like Maslany, and is getting a chance to showcase it on this show. It’s so fun to watch more and more this couple because they are such a spectacularly dysfunctional, want-to-look-perfect suburban couple. When I first saw the fertility clinic scene, I KNEW he was going to call her and they would do some role play over the phone. They are so into each other in these weird ways, she really gets off on his nerdiness….did you catch the admiring glance they threw each other when he says, “Clear, concise, and COLOR CODED, well done.” I thought that was a kind of foreplay for them! Then when he said AIRITALIA, I thought, oh, they’re into accents?!!!! ROFLMAO. More serious aspects of show aside, this was just wonderful, as good or better than the money-in-the-bedroom scene. The two lead actors are probably letting improv dictate this chemistry, and the results are fantastic. You get plenty of literary references, both are college educated, they have adopted CHILDREN OF COLOR specifically. So now we can predict that with Donnie asking Helena to be understanding of his wife’s envy, that Helena will go out of her way to make Alison feel very included in her pregnancy. Hand on belly and everything. They better do this. It’s what you do for a sestra, innit?

    I LOVE this show and the actors they’ve assembled are amazing (Jordan, too). I’m seriously thinking of writing my own weekly blog on this show and a few other semi-SCIFI (highly speculative fiction!) shows I love. I think we will get to see Donnie and Alison get to experience pregnancy through Helena, – we saw an inkling of this when Donnie and Helena went to the ultrasound together – they both are giving each other something the other never hard: families, and babies,. How beautiful is this show on some cosmic level. Amidst all this ugly manipulation, for-profit-minded genetic tampering, and weird subcultures (bifurcated dicks and sister-kissing, no less), there is this amazing undercurrent of love, and of challenging of notions about what constitutes “kin”. This is what I believe this show is all about on an emotional level. And the biotech angle is just whipped cream on the cake…..hey there is an idea for Donnie and Alison (or Bruun and Maslany) to explore!

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