Jason Priestley has fun solving crimes in Global’s Private Eyes

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fans rejoice! You’re got a new wise-cracking, sports car driving primetime private investigator to cheer for with Private Eyes, debuting Thursday on Global. Loosely based on the book The Code by Gare Joyce, Jason Priestley is Matt Shade, an ex-professional hockey player who swaps the rink for investigating high-stakes crimes when he teams with P.I. Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson).

“We’ve only sent one person to the hospital during filming,” Sampson says with a laugh during a break in filming. She is, of course referring to Priestley’s tumble off a horse that briefly shut down production last November. The fact he can laugh about the incident shows how comfortable he is with his co-star, something that comes across in the first episode. Private Eyes‘ theme sets the tone for the series; Vancouver’s Dear Rouge have updated the classic Hall & Oates tune for the opening credits, providing a funky, fun feel.


Tuesday’s debut episode of 10 introduces viewers to the main players, when Matt is stunned the minor hockey player he’s been scouting collapses on the ice. Suspicious a fellow player may have had a hand in the incident, Matt joins Angie and they delve into a handful of suspects. Both are headstrong and used to getting their own way, which results in a lot of sniping back and forth. There are, of course, the first hints at some sexual chemistry between the pair, adding another layer to their relationship. Rounding out the cast—and sanding Matt’s rough edges—are Matt’s legally blind daughter, Jules (Jordyn Negri) and father Don (Barry Flatman). Clé Bennett and Ennis Esmer play Det. Derek Nolan and Det. Kurtis Mazhari, who both have dim views of Matt.

“Matt’s plate is pretty full,” Priestley says. “He’s taken over primary custody of Jules, so he’s a guy who is struggling to figure out how his new situation is going to work out in his life. But he’s also trying to figure out this new situation in his life. He’s a guy who’s stuck between these two strong women and trying to figure out a balance.”

Will  there be romance between Angie and Shade? That’s not in the cards … yet.

“We’re not exploring that option at this point,” Sampson says. “There are so many other women and so many other men and the cases to be solved too.”

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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