CTV welcomes a new day with Your Morning

It’s been just over two months since Bell Media announced Canada AM was being cancelled, replaced by a new morning show called Your Morning and hosted by the team of Ben Mulroney and Anne-Marie Mediwake, with Melissa Grelo as Late Morning Anchor, Lindsey Deluce as News Anchor and Kelsey McEwen handling the weather.

So, how did the new crew and show do on its first day on the job? Anyone expecting an innovative way of delivering morning news and entertainment was going to be disappointed. There are only so many ways you can package news, interviews, weather and talk into a three-hour program, though Your Morning does it with a glitzy, energetic vibe. Boasting a lead-off sit-down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and performance by Florida Georgia Line, Mulroney and Mediwake welcomed Monday with smiles, sitting on a bright set highlighted by blue with yellow piping. (Your Morning‘s theme music—a jaunty affair—was composed by Grammy nominee Stephan Moccio.)

“Here’s what’s topping your morning,” Mulroney said before the headlines of the day were presented in a package like an eTalk bundle, with music and pictures covering a Summer Olympics wrap-up. National and regional headlines and weather were presented in an easy-to-read crawl at the bottom of the screen. After a brief back-and-forth between Mulroney and Mediwake, Lindsey Deluce jumped in to cover more serious news stories before throwing back to the co-hosts, who chatted about what Deluce had just reported. Like other morning shows, Your Morning is big on reaction to the news, aiming to connect with viewers over something they’ve said.

Kelsey McEwen from CTV Calgary was doing her thing with weather across the country. McEwen used easy-to-read map icons and augmented her delivery by utilizing YouTube video of a volcano spewing ash and Twitter images of weather that was reminiscent of Canada AM‘s Jeff Hutcheson.

Mulroney’s much-ballyhooed interview with Trudeau wasn’t the love-in I was expecting. He queried the PM on his inquiry into murdered Aboriginal women and girls tied to possible police misconduct and Indigenous boys and men in Manitoba in jails connected to a racism issue in Canada. Filmed in Gatineau, QC, with Parliament Hill in the background, talk turned to back-to-school issues for Trudeau’s kids and how he’s urging them to listen to The Tragically Hip.

Your Morning‘s first show ended with country duo Florida Georgia Line playing just before 9 a.m. in the Bell Media parking lot in front of a hundred or so fans, and this is where the program sets itself apart from competitors. Being at the corner of Queen St. and John St. rather than Canada AM‘s Scarborough digs means access to big stars staying in the downtown core. That will make a big difference in a few weeks when the Toronto International Film Festival arrives and celebrities drop by.

Like I said, Your Morning isn’t doing anything innovative, but what it is doing is packaging it via a new look with new voices. And it is entertaining. Say what you want about Mulroney—and many, many do—but he’s a capable ringleader, able to drive conversation and elicit responses from the rest of the team. I feel like Mediwake may be figuring out exactly where she fits in—she’s used to reporting the news and is being called on to be more personal here—but that will come with time.

What did you think of Your Morning? Comment below or @tv_eh.

Your Morning airs weekdays between 6 and 9 a.m. ET on CTV (Ontario, Québec and Eastern Canada) and nationally on CTV News Channel.

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109 thoughts on “CTV welcomes a new day with Your Morning”

  1. I did not enjoy your morning show at all to much like the social only difference was some news included. The pale strip across the bottom carrying news items is to pale you do have older viewers and it was not clear enough. I guess I shall have to go to cbc for my morning news incidentally your noon and evening news is excellent. Very disappointed!

    1. I turned to CBC news as well as I want news in the mornings, not “newsertainment”. Your Morning is not my cup of tea. CTV really messed up with they cancelled Canada AM and did not gauge their audience well. Your Morning will not be my morning.

  2. Sorry I did not enjoy today’s launch of Your Morning. I agree it was so much like the Social. I flipped around looking for anything comparable to the CTV News Channel we have been watching since Canada AM was abrtuptly cancelled. Unfortunately the top guys made a big mistake in not taking into account just who there viewers are on this time slot. Anyone under the age of 40 no longer subscribe to TV programming, rather NetFlicks or Crave TV. CTV has lost a huge audience of individuals whose demographoics range from 45-100+. These are the ones who keep TV programming and would be the loyal viewers. I firmly believe this show will not succeed and if you are are stoic as CBC, will realize before it is too late and bring back the Canada AM or CTV News Channel.

  3. Sorry I did not enjoy today’s launch of Your Morning. I agree that it was very much like the Social. I flipped around looking for anything comparable to the CTV News Channel that I have been watching since Canada AM was abruptly cancelled in June. Unfortunately the top guys at CTV made a big mistake in not taking into account just who the viewers are on this time slot. Anyone under the age of 40 no longer subscribe to TV programming, but rather NetFlicks or Crave TV. CTV has lost a huge audience of individuals whose demographics range from 45-100+. These are the very individuals who keep their TV programming and would be loyal viewers. The weather was the worst, as the maps were not at all viewer friendly and the banner on the banner was difficult to read. The back picture of the top of a bridge was not becoming. I firmly believe this show will not succeed and if CTV is as honest as CBC, you will realize before it is too late that Canada AM and/or CTV News Channel need to be brought back sooner than later. At the very least give your viewers an option.

  4. Very disappointed. Shallow. Too much weather and nonsense chatter. Don’t want to see the Social in the morning. I’ll be switching networks for my morning news.

    1. It is very shallow with very little depth. Doesn’t sem like there is very much chemistry among them. Ben Mulroney is NOT a journalist and it is clear he has not had any training in this field. He certainly is not very professional and gives the appearance of an arrogant ass, The only person that has anythjng to say is anna Marie medowake and it clear she is a seasoned journalist. All of the others are shallow and and have nothing concrete to contribute to the show. This whole change screams of ageism! Get rid of all the “seasoned” personnel that seniors all liked but your group thought were too old today to carry the program. If you had done any research you would know that older folks cannot read anything in that blue/white ticker tape running across the bottom. I worked with seniors for many years and when the testing was done it turned out the best colour for seniors to see/read the colours were black background with yellow lettering. Did anyone look into this research that was done not that long ago before they used the blue ticker tape and find that older adults cannot read!!! They all talk over one another at the round table like a bunch of teenagers who want to get their point across. I have to tune that out or off because its’t anything but a noise. Go back to your seasoned personnel who have something worth saying.

  5. Hi there. In your article you said: “… and illicit responses from the rest of the team”
    I believe you actually meant “elicit”.
    “Illicit” would put a whole different spin on a morning show, and might jazz up the ratings a bit!

    1. Haha! You’re right. I spelled elicit incorrectly. That did give a whole new meaning to the show!

  6. I enjoyed the show! But something has to be done about the weather girl , she was to speedy also to much weather info and to often!!!

    1. I totally agree…I want to know who told her that a floral pattern wears well on that green screen! Yesterday’s “little black dress” an d today’s red cocktail dress are just not right for 6 a.m. Unfortunately, looks like she forgot to go home and change before the show. The temp. Graphics are very cheap looking as is the whole set imo. They seem to have sunk their budget on clothes!!

      As for the rest of the show …will not win over the viewers from Canada AM as the viewership they want doesn’t watch the news on t.v. …and there really isn’t much news being covered here.

  7. Did not like ‘Your Morning’, too much chatter about silliness, did not like the different personalities , reminds me of the American morning shows.
    Is it not the Baby Boomers who have the time to watch from 6-9:00am?

    I will now be watching CBC news network

  8. This show was completely disappointing and does not compare in any way shape or form to Canada AM. I was a loyal viewer, every work day for many, many years. Like so many that have commented on this and other posts, you have potentially lost a large number of viewers including myself that will look to other stations for morning news coverage.

  9. I can not watch this attempt at morning entertainment, this new show is terrible. When the hour hits I can’t wait to turn the channel to Global NEWS.

  10. They should call this show Ben and his Harem!!!

    How we miss Canada A.M. and where is Michael the financial analyst?

  11. I have to agree with the other people and their comments it is very very disappointing even the name your morning doesn’t even have the word Canada in it it is not a good show at all CTV should really really consider bringing back Canada am I watched it every morning and now I’m like the rest I look for other new shows like CBC it’s not the same at all very very disappointing!😢

  12. I agree with all the other comments. The news strip at the bottom is too small and hard to read. I will not be watching this show again. We miss you Canada AM.!

  13. Both my husband and myself disliked Your Morning! We turned the channel to CBC. We found that with the 5 people in the cast that it was loud, noisy and too perky for our morning listening. We had to wait to for 9 am to hear the news we wanted to hear. Wish you luck but you’ve lost us after years of starting our morning with youl

  14. I agree with everyone. As a longtime viewer ( 7am -7:45am) of Canada AM, Your Morning is a major disappointment. There is no sense of connection with the audience and it comes off as an amateurish production.. The “old crew” of Bev, Marci and Jeff was so polished yet personable, it now seems to me that perhaps they are also, irreplaceable.

    Jack N.

  15. Your new show is a huge disappointment. We totally enjoyed watching Canada AM for years and now, after one morning, you have lost loyal followers. I can almost guarantee that you have lost most of us seniors that had something to look forward to every morning. You totally missed the mark when you decided to gear your show towards the younger generation that don’t even watch as they are working.

  16. I agree with all previous comments! Hope it doesn’t last long so they can go back to the last good news program.

  17. Waited in eagerly but alas, it is no Canada AM…. I think the decision to replace it was a huge mistake and will watch somewhere other than CTV for my morning news programming. Content is shallow, hosts are immature. You cancelled a well oiled machine that was loved by many Canadians for young faces. The top brass at CTV made a poor decision this time and if they were smart, they would make a change realize the demographics that are watching their morning show. Melissa and Ben belong on entertainment shows not the news

  18. Well I’ve tried to give it a go but I’m afraid my loyalty to the previous hosts and format will have me headed for other morning options. I can’t get around this need to use tweets as news sources or the round table format that makes me think I’m watching The View or The Social. Discussions about veggie burgers, Chelsea Clinton teaching a social media class at Stanford. So newsworthy. Nails on a blackboard. I miss you Jeff, Bev and Marci. CBC news channel, here I come.

  19. I decided to give it a couple days to resolve itself. I agree with the majority of comments comparing it’s similarity with The View/ Social. There are too many hosts often talking over each other, often raising voices to be heard over the one hogging the mic. Pare down the number of hosts, reduce the caffeine on the set (hosts are too “hyper”), and remind the hosts they should not continuously interrupt the guests. ( Re-watch the segment on Tuesday Aug 23 on edible flowers for what I mean). So many interruptions, the guest could not cover everything before they were rushed to commercial. I hope to see improvement by Aug 29th, or I’ll be switching to another program.

  20. CTV the morning show that will be looking for an audience. Previous hosts had a chemistry both in studio and with audience and interviewees , the new format is going no where fast.

    This show is Etalk imitation at the wrong time of the day. Who is your target audience?
    So one with a dream at CTV thinks that there are hundreds of thousands of people like him who have nothing better to do in the morning than this ??

  21. Please bring back Bev and Marci! I don’t appreciate all this nonsensical chatter in the morning – you’ve got too many participants (hosts) on this show – and each one of them competing to steal the spotlight!

  22. I will not be watching the new morning show the decision to replace Canada am one of the biggest mistakes the top brass have made. Need to go back to the format of Canada A.M. the people on the new show do not have the same friendly feeling to make the viewers feel part of the program. The hosts of the show are good in other entertaiment shows. Most of the people who watch the show first thing in the morning are not the younger generation the program is not geared to them nor the older generation. I will be watching the CBC News on channel 26 the format is geared to the audience who watch first thing in the morning.

  23. We tried to watch this “warmed over” version of an gossip show, but it is terrible. Where is the news? Where is the “Canadian”part and tone of the program? This show makes me feel like I am watching am American network. “Canada AM” at least had some character. Will be looking for our morning news fix elsewhere.

  24. Sorry, it’s a bomb! Watched two days now and we won’t be back. Bring back the old Canada AM. Hurry!!! This is like watching The View and Entertainment Tonight at 6:30 in the morning….ugh! Too much unnecessary chatter. We want news and information.

  25. I have now watched for two mornings and I can’t stand it . I watched Canada am for so many years, it was like losing a group of friends. Please, please, bring it back.
    All those bright young things who have an illusion that their shallow thoughts are worth listening to . And where is Michael with financial news?
    Really, CTV, heads should roll

  26. Terrible new morning show! You’ve lost me. CBC here I come! Love to see Bev and Marci back!

  27. Ridiculous new morning show. Where’s the old Canada AM team? I won’t be watching anymore unless there are HUGE changes. Someone goofed.

  28. Chattering magpies, The View and The Social to wake up to? Not for me. I watched it for two mornings as the morning CTV News seems to have disappeared. Why is Your Morning on BOTH CTV channels? What happened to Todd Van der Heyden and Anwar Knight? I’m still grieving the loss of Canada AM, but at least I had the next best thing to watch with CTV News in that time slot. Has it been yanked? I’m in total agreement with what others have said. The show stinks, too gossipy, too frivolous and not worth my time. Bring back the classy Canada AM with Bev and Marci. i watched what I could while getting ready for work and recorded it every day so I could catch their great interviews. They were perfect!

    1. Agree no class on this show. Can’t stand the social and this is what this is. If you only appeal to the young you will loose millions. The young watch the Internet for news not tv. The Social show is immature and yappy and so is this. Weather girl trying to compete with other noisy people. Not to criticize but this generation have no intelligence emotionally and no sophistication can’t pull off charm. And you can’t fake charm.

    2. I agree with all comments. Are you listening CTV! Cancelling Canda AM was a huge mistake and replacing it with Your Morning is a bigger one. No one needs a Social clone at 7:00 am (or at any time).

  29. Although I liked Canada AM, it was a little tired, so I was hopeful when a new show was announced. I thought it might be edgier, more clever, less fluff. Instead, it is a dumbed-down version that has kept the worst segments of Canada AM, now with individuals who must have been chosen for how shallow and unaware they are. The show has lost any true humour, clever banter and actual news substance that did exist. Such a disappointment. Goodbye CTV in the morning.

  30. So disappointed. In a few weeks I’ll watch again to see if there is less silly chatter, fewer weather reports, not so much talking over each other … be great to see Michael back!

  31. As Canada A.M. was getting rather stale I was eagerly anticipating “Your Morning”‘s debut. I was very disappointed with the first episode as it lacked substance. The second day was better however I agree with previous comments about the much too frequent and too detailed weather updates. Also it does feel like Ben’ s harem so maybe a male meteorologist would balance things out. I hope this show continues to improve and be more about news and less about the hosts trying to outshine each other.

  32. #AxeYourMorning

    Congratulations #CTV! you have alienated the public, positive reviews are few and far between on #Twitter, and beyond.

    Why fix something, that wasn’t broken?

    Bravo! Your Morning = Epic Fail


  33. How CTV could scrap “Canada AM” for such a crappy show as “Your Morning” is beyond me!!!! I agree with whoever said the participants are all “airheads”. They talk too fast and talk over each other — each one thinking they are more important than the other. I thought I could watch CTV News Channel with Marcia or Todd, and Anwar, plus great newsworthy segments, including Michael with financial news, but found to my disgust the cackling hens with their gossip were laughing and giggling there too, oh, and Ben, who I can’t watch. Sometimes we need a straight-forward news magazine program like “Canada AM”. Bring it back fast, and refrain from having any connection to “The Social”, both in structure or participants. Obviously I won’t be watching this program again.

  34. I too have the same sentiments as the other comments that I have read . The top executive have made a huge
    mistake by offering this as the replacement for Canada AM . I do not enjoy watching 4 people trying to all
    input their comments at the same time again this is like watching the Social. Apparently you did not do
    your homework as to the demographic’s of the viewer’s that watched Canada Am .
    I too will be looking for alternate program to watch in the morning as I get ready for work .
    Please bring back Marci and Bev and Canada AM

  35. Do not like the new morning show, Your Morning I want News and weather with my coffee not entertainment. Please bring back Canada AM or CTV news.

  36. Shame on CTV!!! I have watched for two mornings. Not impressed. Loved Canada AM and the cast. Ben go back to eTalk, Melissa do your social and for the rest of you not liking it. Keep Lindsay. She is the only one to deliver the news. The audience for morning is 45 plus…not all the millenniuals. They watch Netflicks and their phones. I have switched to CBC at least they know how to do it.

  37. I am in total agreement with everyone else, it’s an awkward feeling show with a lack of chemistry and a recycling of the same old format. I tried the past two mornings and just can’t. I will also be watching the CBC going forward!!

  38. CanadaAM had genuine chemistry. Todd Van Der Hayden did a great job this summer. Thinking CBC should drop their useless BT
    And hire Bev and Marci.

  39. We totally agree with the comments above-no news, not a polished listenable group-everyone talking at once like The Social which drives us crazy to try to decipher opinions and topics. I thought the first show would be a “WOW” show -it was so terrible that we watched little of it-today’s was just as bad, especially the weather person. Canada AM was a winner-THE best CTV show until cancelled so unprofessionally. I loved Bev, Marci and Jeff/Anwar (likely to have replaced Jeff as he retired). I hope they got a huge payout as they deserved better -as did your loyal listeners. We hope you are not too obstinate to not recognize what a huge error you made. I have not hear anyone who thinks this show is good. And CBC has lost one of their best newscasters in Anne-Marie-she and Dwight were a fabulous team; hopefully CTV will use her talents to make the best of luring her away from CBC.

  40. CanadaAM had genuine chemistry. Todd Van Der Hayden did a great job this summer. Thinking CBC should drop their useless BT
    and hire Bev and Marci. So sad.

    1. Agreed…Please, please bring back Todd, Anwar,Michael for news and weather & Richard for movies.

      1. Yes, Bev, Marci, Richard, Anwar, Michael. CTV give your heads a shake and listen for the echo!

  41. I tried to be open-minded about the replacement, hoping that somehow these host could transition from gossip to news and the information that I like before I start my day. Unfortunately, I don’t think it can happen. The jump from gossip and the red carpet to trusted, smart, professional journalist is just too far for me. Anne Marie can do it, but I am afraid she will not have a chance. She also has to correct the blatant errors her cohorts make while trying to get a word in. I know nerves were in the way, but there is no chemistry between Ben and Anne Marie. I fear that if someone being interviewed strayed off the script that Ben would not have the knowledge to manage it. I also would like to hear the news facts first. I do not need or want a running commentary e.g. ” no kegger” when reporting the gov’t meetings in Sudbury. I also thought it was very disrespectful to comment on Prime Minister Trudeau’s hair minutes before the interview was aired. A detailed weather report 3 times in 39 minutes is too much. I would rather have Michael Kane back with news about the economy/ dollar/ stock market. He was entertaining. I too switched to CTV news network to get the news but was horrified to find the same junk. This is confusing. Is Your Morning supposed to be about “news” ? How shameful that we cannot find a Canadian musician on Monday morning in downtown Toronto. Had I been flipping through the channels, I would have thought it was Good Morning America! CTV should rethink the audience . The sponsors should do the same. I cannot watch this. I remain amazed at the decision to cancel Canada AM , rather than use Jeff’s retirement as an opportunity to add a younger but credible, respectable member to join Marci and Bev, if they thought that was necessary. I feel CTV has dumped their over 40 audience, but in truth, I think they have dumped any intelligent Canadian, of any age, who is looking for news, useful information and intelligent conversation.

    1. Agree
      Very well said… I would like the CTV executives to start responding to all of these comments.

  42. Can’t stomach Ben Mulroney that early in the morning, show is a hybrid of the Social and CP24 not to my liking. Was an avid viewer of Canada AM but it did need re-work, they could have re-used a few bodies from Canada AM namely Marci, Todd van der Heyden, Marcia MacMillan to name a few. Sorry but Beverly was a horrible interviewer on Can-AM . What is does Bell Media see in Ben Mulroney? I might continue to watch if it were someone else…

  43. I’m very disappointed after watching Your Morning for 2 days. Canada AM was definitely tired but I feel that CTV has missed the mark with this new morning show. I loved Ann Marie on CBC evening news, Melissa has far too much perkiness which is better suited to The Social, Lindsay & Kelsey are new personalities for me & Ben is , well – Ben. There’s only one thing he loves more that hosting television shows and that is himself. It is a new format with lots of youth & sparkle. Please fix this show so it is watchable in the morning.

  44. First of all….thank you for adding the time clock to the screen. But in spite of that I wonder why you just don’t get it. How is it that you seem to think you know more that your TV audience as to what they want to watch….and dump a traditional high rating original morning program. It was tired…..are you kidding me. Did anyone bother polling the viewing audience. Nope. Are you aware that the old format was the only program capable of bringing people over from CBC Morning Radio…..by the tens of thousands very season year after year. That’s significant. And look at what you replaced it with…..a cheap version of American CNN broadcasting….just downright ugly. And the format for the new replacement looks like a mirror of “The View” . The is an unmitigated “on screen” real time viewing of a Canadian media disaster. I do feel sorry for Todd and Marcia but I don’t see them as morning anchors. Put Marcia on at 6:00 and Todd at 11:00… BUT NOT IN THE MORNING….and definitely not Ben M….not at all. He has managed to type cast himself in “Fluff Media” and should stay there.
    Come on….this is not so hard to figure out. Anyone in your organization who continues to say that you are on the right course here should have security walk them to the curb….right away. Me? I’ve already gone back to CBC morning radio. I miss Andy Barrie and have to contend with all the changes there…..but its better than what you have to offer at the moment. I’ll keep coming back for a peek once in a while to see what you’ve done about this.
    Cheers from Waterloo

    1. Yes, they had a poll on the Toronto Sun, 70 percent said they are not a fan of Mulroney and would not watch the show.

      1. 122 reviews/ comments..
        1 positive,…1… give it one more
        chance tomorrow , 120 not impressed…maybe if polling age bracket on all these comments..

  45. Found the chemistry bad, especially with Lindsey. Found the set claustrophobic and awkward. It looked quite cheep. Did not enjoy at all.

    1. Hey execs,
      When I try to imagine the boardroom meeting about all this fiasco decision..nuckleheads saying :” Yeah!..that’s a brilliant idea!”
      My head hurts. You should all be fired. I’m sure you could all get jobs working for Trump!

  46. Very disappointed with new format for 6-9 am telecast. Where is Todd van der Heyden when we need him!?? Your ratings going forward will surely reflect your huge mistake in trying to appeal to the Millenial demographic. CBC’s Heather Hiscox’s viewership just went through the roof!! Will not return to your station any time soon.

  47. In a word…Annoying! Baby Ben and the Barbies is a good description. Poor Ann Marie is the only credible on air person. Ben Mulroney sounds like a cartoon character and as my mother would say is”smarmy”. Listening to the four of them chitter chatter about nothing is a waste of time. One of the first rules of broadcasting is, “Know your audience”.

  48. Who wants to wake up to Ben Mulroney every morning, I stopped watching Etalk because he is so annoying. He took a break from the show to go try politics and he came back, I guess he figured out he is not popular or electable. I loved and watched CTV news for years, it was fun, entertaining and actual local news.
    There was a survey before the show held by the Toronto sun, almost 70 percent voted that Ben M. is not their cup of tea yet CTV still went ahead with him. Who is pushing him there ? Maybe his dad has shares with CTV, it seems that way.
    Bad show, return the CTV morning show and I’ll return to watch.

  49. Just disgusting, two days in and it’s turned into the social with Melissa trying to vie for top spot, even though she’s only on for the last hour. Stick with real news and finance and please stop with the crap generation snowflake banter that’s sprinkled with rapid fire weather.
    I certainly don’t need to know about edible flowers so early in the morning.
    You top brass just slapped all your loyal viewers in the face by getting rid of Canada AM and bringing in the young know it all crew. I believe the term is referred to as ageism.
    Shame on you all.
    I hope the show tanks.
    Then maybe you’ll learn.

  50. You replaced the fabulous Canada AM for this. What are the folks who run CTV programming smoking. Our family watched Canada AM every morning for years. This show is the Social which I once watched and could not believe the drivel. Do you think your morning audience wants to watch this type of show. As someone who has spent many years in the ad business, I know that you were trying to attract a younger audience but this show will not work.

  51. Watched Global after 5 minutes of Your Morning. Bring back the old morning format. Loved that crew.

  52. Too loud too perky for am program, need more news and less chatter, miss Canada AM. I tried again this morning, didn’t last 20 minutes I am now watching anything but Your Morning. Where are the Canada AM crew when you need them


  53. OMG I cannot watch Your Morning, I’m trying. I want Canada AM back. What the hell was CTV thinking cancelling a show that I watched every morning for over 30 years. I will not be watching Your Morning.

  54. Very very sad when canada am was cancelled. I enjoyed starting my day with the the wonderful hosts and easygoing format. I was not able to enjoy a morning show when I was working, and once I retired canada am fit the bill perfectly! I think CTV made a mistake by trying to appeal to a younger age group, they are probably all at work and won’t be watching anyway. I decided to give “your morning” a chance and watched a few episodes – very disappointing :(. There is not much on TV anymore to appeal to 60plus demograhic. I think I will probably turn off the TV and either read a good book or go for a walk instead!

  55. I truly don’t understand the mindset of creating Your Morning!! Our kids are 30 somethings and watch Breakfast Television. One tuned in and found it ‘noisy’ due to hyper-like chatter. We agree. If an updated format was needed, why not update Canada AM?? It seemed a well oiled machine, relaxed, great hosts! The Social is successful – why duplicate it?? What is CTV trying to accomplish? It’s too early in the morning for this crew and the type of program this is! We’re now watching CBC

  56. This is not a news show. If I wanted to watch “the View” or another version of a giddy, chattering gossip show I would change the channel. I have tuned to CTV for the last time in the morning.

  57. I was very sad to hear that Jeff was retiring. I do wish him the best. I loved Canada am ask they delivered the news and it was informing. It always started my day with a positive note. I was a bit skeptical about a new morning show starting to take Canada am place. I have given it a shot and will tell you that you have lost me. I have never seen so much garbage on tv. This reminds of the the social or the view and I absolutely hate watching either of them. Too bad I was so very excited to see a new morning news with hosts Bev and Marci. What a total disappointment. Please deliver the news not the garbage you chatter about. I don’t care what’s going on with celebrities etc. Please deliver the news or get off the air and give someone else a chance to bring back morning news cause” your morning” is sincerely a waste of good quality television time. Also bring it back with some hosts with some experience. Signed very very disappointed :(

  58. Why do these dopes at CTV or Bell or whoever have to copy the same dreck from the USA such as the View ,Social and otherscreechfests . You had a good formula with loyal viewers and a long history of success but no that wasnt hip enough. Do you really need FIVE adults at the one desk to read the news. All bantering about foolishness and shallow Etalk. Here is a tip for the brilliant minds at CTV -Bell. We are NOT American and that’s so apparent today more than ever !!! Grab a clue.

  59. I watched Canada AM every morning since the early 80’s. Sorry, not a fan of the new show. I also don’t like the change to the news channel. The whole point of a news channel is to watch the news…. Not some poor version of the social.

  60. Please cancel this new morning show! It is unbearable. I gave it a third chance! Couldn’t do it. 30 minutes later and and then I switched channels again!!!!!! It is terrible. Please bring back the Canada AM we all knew and loved in the mornings! Ben and the gals have to go!

  61. We forgot about the new show on Monday and watched it on Tuesday for 30 minutes. My husband gave it another chance today but had to change the channel.
    When I saw it on Tuesday, all I could see was Ben and Anne-Marie talking over each other in an attempt to make a point. We like both of them and together they could make a good team but the balance of the group need to leave and come in just when needed – news, entertainment/social and weather. The five around the table does not work. Too much like an American show which we are not! Please fix the format fast or we like many others won’t be back.

  62. After watching it for 2 days, I feel it is a Social in the early morning. No way will my husband & I watch it. Too early for an upbeat TV program….lots of chit chat, tattle tale and everyone talking at the same time etc. What is Ann Marie doing ? She looks to me like feeling the ropes. She is better off with the CBC style persona.
    CTV management better reassess what it has done to the public. We miss Canada AM.

  63. The other comments have pretty much summed up my feeling so I will only add two more words.. epic failure! Bring back Canada AM please!

  64. Terrible ! Used to watch every morning and loved it. I can’t stand the new version. Bring the old format back and the former host! Unless, they change the format I will watch another channel/competitor!

  65. As I posted previously I do not like this show and think there is no chemistry. With that said these comments are starting to personally attack the hosts and are mean. 3 of them are in there 40’s so I don’t think they are “that generation” and being in my 40’s myself we did not grow up with all this technology. I like the Social as a one hour talk show but I like my morning news to be news and not so opinion based. I’m sure they all are hard working, capable people but this format does not work, nor does the set or the group as a whole. Please try to be kind while voicing opinions. It is easy being mean behind a keyboard.

  66. Please don’t tell me Todd van der Heyden, Marcia MacMillan, Anwar Knight and Michael Kane have left the building. I’m so disappointed!! My mornings started with a cup of coffee and checking in with my CTV News Family to see what happened in the world while I was sleeping. (the good and unfortunately, the bad). Thanks Todd and Marcia for the professional delivery of the news updates, thanks Michael for the business headlines and Anwar thanks for starting my day with a morning smile and hearing your unexpected comments. I’ve enjoyed, on numerous occassions , watching you take Todd and Marcia by surprise going off script. We all need that unexpected morning laugh.
    I don’t want to be critical here as I’m sure the “Your Morning” Crew are doing their best but in all honesty I won’t be tuning in to watch the program.
    Todd, Marcia, Anwar and Michael hope to see you soon. I might suggest it would be a welcomed addition to see our Canada AM Marci join our family . Honestly, hope to see you soon coffee will be hot and ready.

    Sincere thoughts from
    Fredericton, NB

  67. This new show is such a letdown. Where is the actual news? Having to see and listen to Ben, and his harem of chatty ladies, is extremely annoying first thing in the morning. They seem to be speaking over one another in a quest to get the most attention. I have to admit that I was happy to say goodbye to Jeff and good-riddance to his ridiculous videos, but this new team is too much! Surely, you can do much better CTV!

    1. Many people loved Jeff for his natural, friendly personality. He connected with his audience. I looked forward to his “Things I learned on the internet today” videos. Many other people enjoyed them too. The children wouldn’t leave for school until Jeff’s videos were aired. Sure do miss Jeff!!!

  68. Watched the first show of CTV Morning for maybe 20 minutes and will not be back, huge disappointment! Agree with previous comments re the view and the social ( two other very uninteresting shows). Also very disappointed that both CTV channels broadcasted the same content. I envision a large board room with some hired (big bucks) consultant presenting this wild idea to members who have no clue of their audience. You drank the cool-aide! Terrible show! Gather any remaining senses and bring back Bev, Marci, Anwar, Todd and Michael – at least they know how to connect with an audience and present information worth knowing.

  69. I agree with all the above comments! Bring back Todd, Anwar, Marci, Bev and Michael. Your Morning show is like waking up and watching the Social or The View, two shows I cannot fathom to watch because of all the loud chatter and interruptions. I really like to listen to news and real topics that are relevant to everyday life. I know that you are trying to captivate a yonder audience, and if they didn’t wake up watching morning shows in the past they aren’t going to watch morning TV now! I only watch one TV show during the day and it was Canada AM. Sorry CTV I will be watching Global from now on in the morning .

  70. It seams that I am not alone in my dislike of the new show. I am a retired senior and I find ever thing was too fast jumping all around with the news and comments. The weather presentation was terrible. Just like the news she jumps all over the country with different material.

  71. Hi, glad to hear I am far from the only one who really dislikes this show. Let me count the ways it is so no what it should be:
    One guy and four women? I thought I was watching a re run of the Dean Martin show. Only things missing were the big round bed and the martinis. Have we not said it enough? We need people who represent our society. Way too skinny, young female and white buttressing a good looking white male.
    Shallow news. I have heard it all before.
    Ben is Hollywood. He has no background that would prepare him to be anything close to an average Canadian. This is not his fault. Knowing how he likely got lost in his parents closet(s) leads one to conclude he did not have a normal upbringing.
    Please bring back something similar to the old show!!!till then, watching CBC.

  72. Wow. Glad to hear we too are not the only ones not loving Your Morning. We live in BC and have watched Canada AM for 16 years. We are onboard with modernizing or updating your show but this? Not even close to what we have in mind or want to see in the morning. Cast is way too young to have much life experience and is too “talk show” for first thing in the morning. We want to see what’s happening in the world over a cup of coffee not listen to inane chatter. Epic fail CTV. We too have switched to CBC

  73. Will not watch your new morning show, I tried to watch it but after 10 minutes I could not stand it.I watched Canada AM for years, I miss it, you folks got it wrong.

  74. This show is painful to watch. We have watched Canada AM for many years and it was part of our morning routine. I understand the need to update and keep things fresh, but this? Watching CBC now, for the News.

  75. Attempted to watch a segment of this new program, and although it was just Mediwake and Mulroney, their hands were doing more of the speaking than they were. Like everyone commenting here, why the change in Canada AM programming? When the whole crew is on, Your Morning is completely unbearable. Bring on Marci. She has this nailed down. Total Pro! Better yet, bring back Canada AM. CTV, this format doesnt work.

  76. Everyone resists change, but this change is terrible. We will not watch this “Your Morninjg”.
    They all talk too fast. They all talk at once!!butt in and make it unbearable to listen. The commercials cut people off.
    Bring back Marci & Beverly. We absolutely detest this new show.

  77. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! You have lost my morning viewing. What a trite piece of broadcasting Your Morning has turned out to be. Goodbye CTV morning show.

  78. I don’t need in your face U.S. style news program , has totally lost the audience connection of Canada AM

  79. Watching Ben Mulroney and 4 female groupies on the new CTV “Your Morning” show, I now fully appreciate the now defunct “Canada AM”. As eTalk host, Ben had found his comfort zone and prospered in it. Here, Ben and the groupies are wallowing in lack of direction. The only interesting member of the group is the vivacious blonde weather girl. I keep waiting for something – anything – to happen. Nothing does. Even the background is boring.

  80. Hello…is anyone actually listening at CTV? The new morning show has to go! Cannot watch it. Did you hear? CANNOT watch it! You have lost our family in the mornings! We want Canada AM back! We do not want to watch Ben and his girls debating, arguing, each trying to outdo the next. Send them all back to eTalk, the Social, the View, Entertainment Tonight……wherever they came from. They are NOT what we want or need for a morning news show. We need Bev and Marci back. Goodbye “Your Morning”!!! We will not be back.

  81. New show is a flop of epic proportion!
    The powers that be should tune into “CBS This Morning”, to see what a top-notch morning show looks like!

  82. I hope CTV reads these comments. Canada am was upbeat, personal, relaxing and easy to watch. Marci, Beverly, and Jeff were naturals and had great chemistry. I am trying to give “your morning ” a fair chance but after watching 4 shows I am not turning it on again. I think ctv made a HUGE mistake by cancelling a great show watched by many young and old alike.

  83. Absolutely shocked at what an epic failure this attempt at providing us Canadians (not just Toronto) with an engaging, yet informative morning news show. After three attempts to watch the show, over three different days, I could not stomach more than a few minutes per viewing. Please being back the old crew, or similar. In the meantime, I will be switching stations!

  84. Absolutely shocked at what an epic failure this attempt at providing us Canadians (not just Toronto) with an engaging, yet informative morning news show. After three attempts to watch the show, over three different days, I could not stomach more than a few minutes per viewing. Please being back the old crew, or similar. In the meantime, I will be switching stations!

  85. I wanted to give this show a fair chance, even though I was extremely disappointed that CTV took away our CanadaAM. I have now watched it for a full week, hopeful that as the week went on my thoughts would change. Well it hasn’t and it is an absolute disappointment!!!! It is like the Social and E-Talk- based on unsubstantiated opinions, criticism and gossip. I don’t care what these hosts think and how they view the world and current events. What market research told you that Canada needed to see more of Ben and Melissa….morning, afternoon and evening now with these hosts is more than I can tolerate. I would like to hear current news, interviews with people around the world based on current events, weather, cooking, entertainment, What I learned on the internet, etc. Please bring back our Canada AM and Bev and Marci and Jeff if he will come out of retirement. I am no longer watching this show and unfortunately will have to find something else to start my morning with, which will likely be American based, since any other Canadian morning show is so Toronto centeric that is is sickening!!

  86. Do not like this new morning show. I agree with the other people that this show is too much like the view or social. Most people watching this show just want to get to the point and know the news, weather, sports and financial. They don’t want people rambling on one topic for minutes at a time and this looses people’s interest. Come on Bell, people have hectic lives and they don’t need this rambling gossip and social discussions first thing in the morning. I guess I’ll be tuning into CBC NEWS in the morning, I’m sure CBC is loving this , they are getting extra viewers! Please don’t change the night news or I’ll be really upset! The night news is the best !

  87. I tried every day to watch the show this week. Each time I could only watch it no more than 10-20 minutes. I agree with all the comments here. All they needed to do was update Canada A.M. It ran for some 40+ years. If you’re going to copy the United States note that the Today Show has been on for years as well as Good Morning America, all they did was change the format, and they added new hosts etc. but they didn’t ax the show with no warning. A huge upheaval to your network for nothing. Probably could’ve been done with way less money just to change the format of Canada A.M.

  88. Very disappointed with the new morning show! Will NOT be watching in the future. I totally agree with all comments submitted before! Canada AM was our show for waking up to….and for eating our breakfast with…..and the show was our company in the kitchen! So sorry it ended so abruptly. Bev, Marci and Jeff/Anwar were great…..just like family! We feel for the sponsors, too…..all those commercials not being watched now! Lots of the viewing crowd have left. More will go, just like us! Sorry you made a huge mistake changing things. CBC loves us!!!

  89. CTV missed the point IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!!! Canada AM sure wasn’t broke but the new program sure is!!

  90. For 20+ years my husband and I started our day with Canada AM while getting ready for work. Since retirement 10 years ago, Canada AM was part of our daily routine. Even when travelling in our motor home satellite brought Canada AM to us. We have watched this new broadcast for a week now and we have been unable to watch a complete show. So disappointing. You replaced a team of professionals with a group of immature, over-caffeinated individuals who constantly appear to be trying to outdo each other for airtime. In our opinion Canada AM could have been updated (and hopefully it’s not too late to bring back the professionals – Marci, Ben, Anwar, Todd and Michael). CBC news in the morning is now our go to broadcast.

  91. If you don’t have your morning headache then just put on “your morning “and voila here is comes….its rIdiculous and who wants to watch ditzi females yakking and a robot delivering the news..and I don’t have a word to describe the weather lady..good grief…who does bell media think is going to watch this garbage..I just hope they don’t wait two years like CBC did to replace George and bring back Ron …who the people wanted ..aren’t we the viwers the important ones..and this new group doesn’t even look at us..have watched a couple of minutes each day to check it out but not going to happen..EVER!!!!

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