Comments and queries for the week of August 26

Your Morning not a hit with fans

Watched the first show of CTV’s Your Morning for maybe 20 minutes and will not be back. Huge disappointment! I agree with previous comments re: The View and The Social ( two other very uninteresting shows). Also very disappointed that both CTV channels broadcasted the same content. I envision a large boardroom with some hired (big bucks) consultant presenting this wild idea to members who have no clue of their audience. You drank the Kool-Aid! Terrible show! Gather any remaining senses and bring back Bev, Marci, Anwar, Todd and Michael—at least they know how to connect with an audience and present information worth knowing. —CJ

This new show is such a letdown. Where is the actual news? Having to see and listen to Ben, and his harem of chatty ladies, is extremely annoying first thing in the morning. They seem to be speaking over one another in a quest to get the most attention. I have to admit that I was happy to say goodbye to Jeff and good riddance to his ridiculous videos, but this new team is too much! Surely, you can do much better CTV! —From Ottawa

Terrible! Used to watch every morning and loved it. I can’t stand the new version. Bring the old format back and the former hosts! Unless they change the format I will watch another channel/competitor! —Pat

Agree there no class on this show. Can’t stand The Social and this is what this is. If you only appeal to the young you will lose millions. The young watch the Internet for news, not TV. The Social is immature and yappy and so is this. Weather girl trying to compete with other noisy people. Not to criticize, but this generation has no intelligence emotionally, no sophistication and can’t pull off charm. And you can’t fake charm. —Sharon

Please cancel this new morning show! It is unbearable. I gave it a third chance! Couldn’t do it. Thirty minutes later and I switched channels again! It is terrible. Please bring back the Canada AM we all knew and loved in the mornings! Ben and the gals have to go! —F&B

I watched Canada AM every morning since the early 80’s. Sorry, not a fan of the new show. I also don’t like the change to the news channel. The whole point of a news channel is to watch the news, not some poor version of The Social. —April

I truly don’t understand the mindset of creating Your Morning! Our kids are thirtysomethings and watch Breakfast Television. One tuned in and found it “noisy” due to hyper-like chatter. We agree. If an updated format was needed, why not update Canada AM? It seemed a well-oiled machine, relaxed, great hosts! The Social is successful—why duplicate it? What is CTV trying to accomplish? It’s too early in the morning for this crew and the type of program this is! We’re now watching CBC. —Kathy

Very very sad when Canada AM was cancelled. I enjoyed starting my day with the the wonderful hosts and easygoing format. I was not able to enjoy a morning show when I was working, and once I retired Canada AM fit the bill perfectly! I think CTV made a mistake by trying to appeal to a younger age group. They are probably all at work and won’t be watching anyway. I decided to give Your Morning a chance and watched a few episodes—very disappointing :(. There is not much on TV  to appeal to 60-plus demographic anymore. I think I will probably turn off the TV and either read a good book or go for a walk instead! —Jane

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  1. I think daytime tv is dead when it comes to the 20 to 50 age group. Most of us watch either shows from our dvr or are on our phones while our small children watch cartoons. I’ll often watch the news channel.

  2. I watched Canada AM faithfully. It was always how I started my day. After watching two and half episodes of “Your Morning” I wouldn’t waste my time ever watching it again. Jeff, Beverly, Marci and the rest of the team were always extremely professional. This new team looks and sounds like they’re competing with one another, especially Melissa Greelo. She loves herself on camera, always smiling and looking at herself and constantly interrupts. Do not like her on The Social either. When she’s away Cynthia does a far better job of hosting the show. With this new format I doubt the you’ll receive many positive reviews unless you change the format and the cohosts especially Melisa Greelo. Bring back the old team for a successful show. Why fix that wasn’t broken.

  3. The new “Your Morning” CTV show – I went online today to comment how much we did NOT like the new show. Found 122 comments there and 1 liked the show, 1 was so-so and 120 did not care for the new show and most of the participants except perhaps for Ann Marie. Get rid of Ben. Looks like this show is on the way out. It is geared for young people who are all at work and is too much like the Social. Bring back Canada AM which had a 40 years success. This one will be lucky o reach 40 days. CTV need a show that appeals to the 50 plus market. After all we are the folks who are at home watching.

  4. I had been waking up with Canada A M for years.Bev, Marci,Jeff and Anwar,they were great. I watched Todd and Marcia, Todd was fine. Now we have to watch Your Morning,very disappointing. It’s just like tune up to the View or the Social,I don’t watch either one, Please bring back Bev, Marci,Todd and Anwar. Thank you, Carmella

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