This Life 205: Natalie deals with “Scanxiety”

In Sunday’s new episode of This Life, Natalie faces “Scanxiety” as she awaits the first test results from her drug trial. Meanwhile, Matthew and Nicole make a big decision about their marriage, and Raza and Maggie receive an unexpected lunch invitation from Janine.

Here’s a preview.

Raza is in the hotseat
Janine and Gerald invite their new son-in-law over for an awkward lunch. Hamza Haq makes the most of his extended screen time.

Matthew and Nicole try to move on
The estranged couple moves forward with separation plans, which leads to some soul-searching moments for both.

Oliver takes a risk
We still don’t know what’s going on with Oliver’s mental health, but he isn’t giving up on breaking into the Montreal art scene.

Natalie is in for an anxious wait
As she nervously awaits the results of her latest scan results, Natalie visits various family members and friends. Which leads us to…

Torri Higginson’s finest moments of the season (so far)
If you aren’t sniffling (or downright bawling) at the end of the episode, I don’t know if we can remain friends. Higginson is simply perfect in the closing scenes.

This Life airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


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  1. Such great work from everyone this season. The dynamic between Oliver and Romy is heartbreaking.

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