Photo gallery: First look at CBC’s Pure

CBC has unveiled its winter schedule (see our calendars for days and dates), outlining the return of X Company, Schitt’s Creek and Michael: Every Day and the debut of Workin’ Moms, Bellevue and—a show we’re particularly excited about—Pure.

Created by Michael Amo (The Listener)—and based on real events—Pure tells the story of Noah Funk (Ryan Robbins, Continuum), a Mennonite pastor whose life is upset when he attempts to drive drug dealing out of his community … and finds himself drawn into it. Along for the dramatics in the six-episode first season are Alex Paxton-Beesley (Murdoch Mysteries) as Noah’s wife, Anna; AJ Buckley (Justified) as cop Bronco Novak; Peter Outerbridge (ReGenesis) as Eli Voss; Jessica Clement as Noah and Anna’s daughter, Tina; Gord Rand (Orphan Black) as Noah’s brother, Abel; and Rosie Perez (Fearless) as DEA Agent Phoebe O’Reilly.

We were lucky enough to score a set visit to Halifax to chat with everyone involved in Pure—look for stories closer to broadcast—but in the meantime, here are a few photos to get you prepped for the series debut.

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Pure debuts Monday, Jan. 9, at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


2 thoughts on “Photo gallery: First look at CBC’s Pure”

  1. Heard Taylor Olson is in Pure, in second eposide. He is good, seen him in three feature films and some shorts. Should be a good series. Taylor lives in Halifax.

  2. Looks like a mess. The Mennonites involved in drug smuggling were Mexican Mennonites, people ultimately of Dutch origin. They even use a wheel of Mexican Mennonite cheese stuffed with drugs in their promos.

    Old Order Mennonites however, are of Swiss/Southern German origin. They don’t even speak the same language as Mexican Mennonites (Pennsylvania Dutch as opposed to Platdetsch) and wouldn’t be part of the same communities, as they have very different cultures and rules.

    This is like lumping in Italian Canadians from Toronto with some Newfoundlanders, because they are both Catholic.

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