A man behind the wheel of a car.

Comments and queries for the week of December 9

Thank you, Canada’s Worst Driver

To Andrew Younghusband and Canada’s Worst Driver, I am not a bad driver but I am a frightened driver from a terrible car accident. I have watched your show since Season 3 and I want to thank you for the confidence your show has given me. Hints and instructions I have received while watching saved me the other night from another accident.

At first, when I returned to driving, I was probably a danger to myself and others from being so nervous. LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO is the key that saved me from hitting a huge buck while driving home after dark. If stressed while driving, I think of Andrew and your show to improve a positive thought pattern while I am driving in any weather or tense driving situation. I repeat only the secret to success, “look where you want to go.” When I returned to driving I pulled over on the shoulder every time an 18-wheeler was behind me. It took me a long time to get anywhere!

Your show changed my life and gave me freedom from fear and the ability to become a better driver. Your show has made a huge difference in my life and many others. Thank you sincerely from my heart. —Virginia

Is Heartland’s Gobi desert storyline a dud?

“Galvanizing” isn’t quite the word. It’s more like even a lot of the people who otherwise are enjoying the show think it outright stinks. It’s a dud. It’s nice that the actor is happy, but it’s pretty clear this was one of the worst story decisions, especially in timing, the show has ever made. —Kelly

The episode in which they introduced the Gobi bear storyline was horrendous. I like the show, but half the episodes are poorly written and eye rollingly idiotic. There’s probably four bad episodes for every one good episode. I think maybe certain writers think they have to dull things down for a family audience. I’ll watch this show to the end because it’s telling a rural Western Canadian story but it’s never been a favourite. It’s a shame too because in the episodes that are written well it is a great show. —Alicia

I love Heartland and the direction they are taking it into this season. It is great to see them stretch the relationship of Ty and Amy without breaking it. I love the reflections Amy places on her relationship with Ty over the past few seasons while driving to the doctor’s office. It would beautiful to see this from Ty’s end as well. Keep making a beautiful and enjoyable family show for all of us. —Steven

Great interview Graham, love your passion and commitment to Heartland. I work with dogs and the connection with animals is so very real, they struggle with emotions just like us, they have same medical problems we have, they have social issues, separation issues. For you wanting to show that hopefully next year will be awesome. I can see Ty working more in the reserve or more wild animals coming into the clinic. But whatever happens you are a great actor with a great love to telling the truth to every story. Hope you never leave Heartland. —Karen

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