CBC/Radio-Canada shares its Accountability Plan

From a media release:

CBC/Radio-Canada is pleased to share with Canadians its Accountability Plan for the Government’s reinvestment in the public broadcaster.

In Budget 2016, the government proposed to invest an additional $75M in CBC/Radio-Canada for 2016-2017, rising to $150M in the following years, and asked the Minister of Canadian Heritage to work with the public broadcaster to develop an accountability plan. As stated in the Budget, “Reversing past cuts will enable the CBC/Radio-Canada to invest in its Strategy 2020: A space for us allpriorities, leading to the creation of Canadian content which will be more digital, local and ambitious in scope.”

Already this year we are creating additional Indigenous content; investing in high profile events that bring Canadians together like Canada’s 150th anniversary; creating new evening content on ICI Radio-Canada Première; creating a new CBC digital service in London, Ontario; hiring new digital creators, and; expanding our international coverage with a new bureau in Istanbul, Turkey.

Today’s Accountability Plan also includes new performance indicators so that Canadians can measure what the reinvestment in public broadcasting is able to do. We will continue to report on what we have been able to accomplish at the end of the year in our Annual Report and Corporate Plan.

You can read the Accountability Plan here: