Pure: Plots, plans and power plays

With just two episodes left, Season 1 of Pure is headed for a dramatic conclusion. Gerry Epp (the always great Patrick Garrow) has vowed to “hurt” Noah now that he’s out of jail, Eli Voss continues to evade Noah and Bronco’s plan and Tina (Jessica Clement) has discovered what’s really going on with her mother and father.

CBC has said the following about Monday’s new episode, “Communion”:

Noah’s attempt to trap Voss backfires when the Mob leader uses the ruse to turn the tables on his nemesis DEA Special Agent Phoebe O’Reilly (Rosie Perez).
Here’s what we can tell you after watching a screener.
Kudos to the supporting players
Dylan Taylor, Gord Rand, Aaron Hale, Clement and Dylan Everett don’t get top billing, but without them Pure would be one-dimensional. Joey Epp (Taylor) questioning his decisions, Abel Funk (Rand) trying to shake his demons and prove his worth, Ben Novak (Hale) attempting a relationship with Tina, Tina swapping between worlds and Isaac Funk (Everett) proclaiming his strong faith have been fantastic stories to experience.
Gerry wants back in the game
Infuriated at being benched, Gerry is out and plots his revenge on Noah. Our only question is: will Joey let it happen? Joey seems to be wavering on whether or not he wants to be part of the criminal enterprise anymore. Will he betray Gerry and support Noah?
Road trip for Noah, Abel and Bronco
The brothers fly down to Mexico to show Eli how to get cocaine out of milk while Bronco plots to wire them for sound in order to get evidence on Voss. With all of the bad luck Noah has been having, he desperately needs a win. Will it happen in a warmer climate?
Phoebe O’Reilly joins the party
After weeks of phone conversations, O’Reilly (Rosie Perez) is featured heavily on Monday night, organizing the jaunt to Mexico. Perez is perfect as the soft-spoken DEA agent intent on taking Eli down.
Noah and Eli face off
During our set visit to Pure, Ryan Robbins told us he was in awe of working with Peter Outerbridge, particularly during one scene. Now we’re in awe too.
Pure airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


2 thoughts on “Pure: Plots, plans and power plays”

  1. So the character Abel Funk was killed off in Pure tonight? I’m not watching anymore episodes. I watch TV for entertainment not for more horror. I’ll watch the news for that. I love the show but it’s too dark.

  2. I hope Abel survives. That moment when he stood up and stared down Voss was so courageous and poignant. I think he’s become my favourite character.

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