Heartland: Mallory, miscommunication and mistrust

Last week’s episode of Heartland was an emotional one thanks to the horse barn fire and the struggles everyone went through as a result. According to the pictures, “Home Sweet Home”—written by Bonnie Fairweather and directed by Gail Harvey—promised to be more fun. Lou is back! Mallory stops in! Amy’s baby shower!

Here’s what CBC revealed with regard to the episode synopsis:

When an unexpected guest arrives at Heartland, Amy and Jack question the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. Then, a confession by Adam leads Georgie to make a difficult decision. And Jack is caught in the middle when Lou and Lisa both buy the same gift for Amy’s baby shower.

Here’s what else we can tell you after watching a screener of the instalment:

Lou is back!
Yup, after weeks away in New York City, Lou was back on the ranch. She’s been pretty busy, and not just with expanding Maggie’s. She’s been chatting on the phone and texting a certain man while in The Big Apple. (Hope she got a good deal on her cell plan.) But is what Lou wants and he wants the same thing, or is she headed for heartbreak?

Mallory returns!
Yup, after 63 episodes—CBC has been keeping count—Jessica Amlee drops by Heartland and immediately creates a stir. As the episode description teases, the surprise visit may not be all good news. Or is it? Also: it takes just 12 minutes for Mallory to create a stir between Georgie and the always-sensitive Adam.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.