Murdoch Mysteries: Brackenreid is back!

How is it possible that we’re already on Episode 14 of this season of Murdoch Mysteries? It seems like only yesterday Season 10 bowed and here we are in the final stretch.

After an extended period of time away—first at the Olympics in St. Louis and then jaunting to Panama with Pendrick—Inspector Brackenreid returns to Toronto. Here’s CBC’s official description of “From Murdoch to Eternity,” written by Simon McNabb and directed by Jill Carter.

Murdoch devises a mysterious tonic that restores youthful vitality, but his pursuit of a partnership alarms Crabtree.
Here are a few more tidbits after watching the episode:
A longtime character gone?
The episode begins dramatically, with Murdoch on stage, in front of a hushed crowd, revealing a great man—and recurring guest star—is no more. Since the synopsis mentions “a mysterious tonic that restores youthful vitality” it’s no surprise the good detective is speaking of James Pendrick. What happened to the great inventor, and why is Murdoch peddling his fountain of youth? The opening scene also features a shocking entrance by Brackenreid.
Margaret returns
With her husband back, it makes sense Margaret would appear in Monday’s episode too. Her reaction to seeing her husband is … well … um … interesting.
Crabtree does some investigating
It’s not common for George to do sleuthing without some guidance from Murdoch, but he does just that. He’s got a good reason, and calls on Louise Cherry and Samuel Bloom for help.
Orphan Black‘s Ari Millen stops by
Ahead of Orphan Black‘s Season 5 return in June, Millen portrays Tanner, a member of Canadian intelligence who has some questions—via Prime Minister Laurier—about the tonic.
Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


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  1. Has The Artful Detective been removed from Ovation on Monday nights and why? Will Thomas Craig be back? We hope so. This is the best show on Tv. One even young kids can watch.

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