X Company 307: Aurora is pushed to the brink in “The Hunt”

I pretty much lost my cool over this week’s episode of X Company, as this tweet demonstrates:

My reaction was in response to the horrifying moral quandaries the instalment presents to viewers and to a stunning—but completely earned—ending that is sure to blow up Twitter on Wednesday night.

It’s an incredibly well-done hour of television, but it is difficult to watch. It was also difficult to create, according to co-executive producer Sandra Chwialkowska.

“Honestly, I can say it was the hardest script I’ve ever had to write,” she says.

Here is our sneak peek of “The Hunt,” written by Chwialkowska and directed by Amanda Tapping.

A village in danger
Last week’s X Company ended with Aurora telling Alfred about the Nazi’s plan to “cleanse” the village of Nadzieja, Poland. This week, Neil, Alfred and the Polish Resistance try to fight off the German attack.

Aurora is pushed to the brink
Aurora has been delving deeper and deeper into the persona of Helene Bauer, and things are about to take a sickening turn as she must prove her loyalty during a party at Schmidt’s home.

Évelyne Brochu is always top-notch, but she is truly compelling in this episode. How she is continually passed over for a Canadian Screen Awards nomination I’ll never understand.

Schmidt and Heidi reveal what it means to be true believers
You think you know what’s coming—you don’t.

Major cliffhanger alert
Don’t even think about missing the final moments of this episode.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.